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Have you seen the latest issue of American Patchwork and Quilting?  This is the one just about to hit your mailbox or the newsstand.  It is issue #170 that says to display until June 4th.  The magazines used to have a month listed on the front cover but I couldn’t see a month listed.  Anyway…it’s this issue…

We have a quilt featured in the issue…it’s this quilt they named, Fly the Flag.  Here’s the picture from the magazine showing it off.

They did a big spread with the quilt.  They did an awesome job showing off our quilt.

The quilt is home and I had to take the quilt out to show you more pictures.

The quilt is easy construction…nothing hard.  I know many of you like flag-style quilts but hate making triangles.  You could make this one…no triangles needed.

The quilt is 68 1/2″ x 90 1/2″.  I think many of these will be made as Quilt of Valor quilts.

If you are a long-time reader here at the blog, you might recognize this block as the same one I used in the Brick House quilts.  Find them HERE.

If you didn’t guess already, I’ll tell you that the quilt was made of all recycled button-down shirts.  The magazine did a piece on how I cut up shirts.  They showed a scissor but I often use a rotary cutter.  It’s quicker.

I think shirts are perfect for this quilt.  I used most of one striped shirt for the binding.

But take a look at the picture below…I used a different striped shirt for the blue part of the binding.

This was so fun to make and really fast.

I’ve been wanting to decorate with quilts a little more so this one is going to be hanging out in my living room over the summer.

I did some not so straight line quilting on this one.  The quilt isn’t huge and straight-line quilting looks good on it.  Those of you who machine quilt on a domestic machine will appreciate that.

I found a duvet cover at the thrift store and completed the recycled project using that as the backing.  I also used Hobbs 80/20 for the batting.  It drapes better and adds to the instant vintage feel of the quilt.

I’m so happy to have this one home.  I can’t thank the blog reader who originally introduced me to the Brick House block.  I’ve loved every project I’ve made using it.  So far, I think this is my 5th project!!

One more look before I sign off…

What a fun quilt…I say it all the time and it’s so true.   I love working with recycled fabric!!

A big shout out to American Patchwork and Quilting for their great work in making our quilt shine.  We just love working with them.

If you missed my video on how I cut up recycled shirts, you can find it HERE.

Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. ©2021 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

34 thoughts on “Where We are Published: Fly the Flag”

  1. A beautiful, unique way to use this pattern! Great imagination and creativity!

    For your readers that may be interested in this information when making the quilt:
    “When displayed either horizontally or vertically against a wall, the union (blue field of stars) should be uppermost and to the flag’s own right, that is, to the observer’s left.”
    After doing some research I was unable to verify if this applies to quilted pieces.

  2. Absolutely wonderful quilt Jo! Will have to go out to JoAnn’s and see if they have it!! Have a great week!!

  3. I really like this unique flag quilt. So fun to see such a pretty quilt made from recycled shirts. As always, great job, Jo!

  4. Carmen Montmarquet

    I so love this quilt! You did an amazing job!!! I will be sure to pick up a copy of American Patchwork and Quilting and go find some more shirts!

  5. Great quilt! I love this pattern. I have been cutting leftover fabrics to put one together. Congrats on another publication.

  6. Vicki Evaristo

    Love this quilt! You did a wonderful job. A not about the Quilts of Valor. First it is too big, and also we have been told by some of the veterans that they do not like the flag quilts as it represents the flag that covers your casket, so they will not use them.

  7. Love, love, love this quilt. I think I will try it even as a beginner. I appreciate that I would be able to machine quilt it, that is what I currently do on my lap and baby quilts.

  8. Hopefully this issue will hit my mailbox in the next day or two. This is a gorgeous version of a flag quilt. However, as to QOV… I had the same thoughts as Vickie Evaristo. When I joined my local QOV group, the rules I was given are – 60″x80″ (give or take a couple of inches), all cotton, no tied quilts, and no quilts that are flags due to the casket draping thing. Maybe there are other groups that do quilts for veterans but have different rules???

  9. Just to clarify – I’m in no way criticizing the quilt or the thought of using it for QOV. It is Gorgeous. The size issue can be overcome with some maths, but the rule about no flag quilts… not so much. I’d hate for someone to bust their behind to make one for QOV and have it rejected!

  10. Love the quilt, looking forward to receiving my magazine in the mail soon. American Patchwork & Quilting now puts the month & year on the spine, the April issue’s date was at the very top.

    1. This time the month an issue number are on the right hand bottom corner. It seems strange they move it around so much.

  11. HI Jo – I have made the brick house quilt and found it a quick and easy quilt to create. I did make it for QOV using red white and blue, but not a flag design. It was very interesting to read in the comments the various thoughts about a flag design. Your quilt is beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration.

  12. Judith Fairchild

    Really lovely flag quilt. I can understand the qov folks not wanting to use flag quilts. But I’m very sure with a little patience and design work we can make the red white and blue brick quilts so they will be used.

  13. Great quilt Jo, and I agree that the Hobbs 80/20 has a great drape to it. Congrats on getting your quilt published!

  14. Love this quilt it would be a good way to use up my scraps!
    Will definitely try this one. Thanks for the quilt patttern.

  15. A wonderful quilt. A great way to use any type of scraps. The date/month is on the bottom right corner. I might have to scribe to the magazine. Happy Creating.

  16. I have that magazine and love that quilt! I’m gGoing to start looking for shirts to make it. I think they are perfect for that quilt. Thanks for the great pattern!!

  17. Just picked up the issue today at my local Barnes and Noble mainly to see your feature. It was clever, creative, and the magazine editors really displayed it SO nicely. Also, I liked how they devoted a page section explaining how to cut up a shirt, very helpful for newbies to the whole shirt-to-quilt craft. The article was wonderful! P.S. When I saw the number of 2.5″ squares required, I remembered a post, or maybe it was a video, you did (but don’t recall when, darn it) about how you do lots those ahead of time with scraps presorted by size. I am inspired!

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  19. Quilt is gorgeous! I just saw this and was wondering if there was any other place to get the pattern since it is June already and not sure I can still find the magazine. It is great Thank you for sharing!

    1. Google American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine June 2021.
      This came up on Etsy

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