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Last spring I drew up a quilt design because I found a fabric line that I liked.  I went to the work of submitting the design to the magazines that Forward Media manages but they weren’t on board.  So rather than ditch the design we decided to submit it somewhere we haven’t submitted to before, Primitive Quilts and More.  They were excited to have it.  We were excited too.

So about a week later Forward Media contacted us and said we want the quilt you submitted.  We’ll give you “x” amount of money and it needs to be to us as soon as possible once the fabric line is out.  WHAT??  Um.  No.  Someone else picked it up.

I quickly scrambled as I knew they were looking for a larger lap quilt.  I ended up pulling a quilt from our quilt book.  I pulled “Almost Amish”.  I quickly sent it to them and they said YES!

Well it’s out in a magazine now…this one.  Easy Quilts Winter 2019 Edition.

We have loved this quilt for a long time.

The colors are my favorite.

The color selection was inspired by our backing fabric.

We found a button fabric we loved and then took a Moda Bella Solid color chart and used it to match the colors in the backing fabric.  I HIGHLY recommend doing this.

If you find a great novelty fabric that you love for the backing use that as your inspiration for the front.

You can read the original post about the quilt when we first made it here.

It’s fun to see it in print.  They did a great job with the photography.

There are lots of other fun quilts in the magazine.  They are easy quilts just as the title of the magazine states.  Several are quick, cute, panel quilts that would be perfect for gifting.  There’s a farm one that’s super cute!!  You can find the magazine on your news stand in the upcoming month.

We have several other things that are heading to print.  Keep watch and I’ll keep you posted.

8 thoughts on “Where We Are Published: Easy Quilts”

  1. Congratulations!!! Love the bright colors! I just bought the last magazine you were published in. You had posted that the last quilt would look great in red, white and blues so I bought that magazine. I will be on the lookout for this one!

  2. This is a great quilt, Jo!
    I am constantly amazed at the awesome quilts that are made using just simple shapes…. Love the backing fabric!

  3. I will have to look for the magazine when its out, I just got the Quick Quilts magazine and will get a chance to look it over as today is take a friend to her medical appointments. I love having something I want to read when those days come along.

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