Where We Are Published: American Patchwork and Quilting

At last.  It’s the quilt you call have been waiting for!!  It’s our Halloween Hoopla quilt and it’s featured in American Patchwork and Quilting.

Do you all remember last January when I put out a plea asking for help?  I know I sure do!

Let’s start this story at the beginning…

I had submitted a quilt to American Patchwork and Quilting.  It was this quilt…I had made it for a family friend as a wedding present.  I really liked the quilt and I submitted it to American Patchwork and Quilting.  Jodie messaged us back and said she loved the quilt but she already recently had a quilt in the same color palette so was wondering if I wanted to do a Christmas or Halloween version instead.

Without thinking I said Halloween.

It was Christmas time.  Covid was a thing.  Where was I going to find Halloween fabric.  AH!!

Well, that’s when I got the idea to ask all of you for some help.  I asked if any of you had a strip of Halloween fabric, could you send one my way.  My thought was that one strip could fit in an envelope without any extra postage needed.

You all came out in DROVES!  I had so much mail.  The mailman was shocked and brought the mail to my house in BASKETS!  Oh my word.

I had to sew like crazy as the deadline was close.  Without the help of all of you, I never could have completed the top…NEVER.  I thank all who sent fabric my way.  It was so appreciated…I’m classifying this quilt as “OUR” creation…not my creation.  I thank you all so much!

Before I show you the quilt, Let me show you the magazine cover.  It’s this..It is on the newsstands now.  If you have a subscription, your’s should be coming soon.

The issue you are looking for is the October 2021 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.  Here is a picture from the magazine…

…and here is a picture from my porch.

Isn’t it great.  I really love the pattern.  I don’t often make a quilt twice but this one, I did.  I make it first in the taupe colors for a wedding gift and then again in the Halloween colors.

It was so fun to make.

If you are looking for a way to cut and sew this quickly, watch this video.

Sorry, the lighting in this video isn’t the best but you’ll get an idea of how I do it.

I tried to take a lot of pictures as I knew many of you would like to know if your strip made it into the quilt.

Here are some close-up pictures.

Anything that was orange, purple, lime green, yellow, black, or grey went into this quilt.

I tried to spread the colors out so that they were distributed throughout the quilt.

For the quilting on this, I used a pumpkin and vine motif.  I did a video on it.

I had really never done the design before but it turned out pretty good.  If you would use a solid white for the background I can imagine some spider webs being quilting into the white area.

Those googly eyes made it into a couple of the blocks.  So cute.

I fussy cut a few pieces but for the most part, pieces just landed how they landed.

The grass was wet so I had to lay the quilt out on the driveway.

I love seeing it on the diagonal.

I was in a hurry to get this finished.  I didn’t have an orange piece of fabric that was big enough for binding so I went with scrappy.

I actually love scrappy bindings.  I especially love not paying extra for more fabric and using what I have.

Of course, I have to leave you with a picture that includes Rosie…There she is.

A big shoutout needs to go to Moda for the background and backing fabric.  The people in the sample room at American Patchwork and Quilting sent scrap fabrics…and then there was all of you.  Thank you so very much for all of your help in making this quilt happen.

As promised:  I have three jelly rolls of Halloween prints that were sent my way.  I am using them as giveaways.  I had said at the beginning of all of this that I would give one away to one of the people who sent me fabric for the quilt.  I upped the ante and will be giving away four jelly rolls.  One will go to four different people who helped by donating a fabric strip.

I tried to get a picture.  In the bag are all the addresses of the people who sent goodies…

Here are the four people who have a Halloween print Jelly Roll coming their way:

Kathy Wilson in Florida
Pamela Dampsey in Texas
Shelley Freeman in South Dakota
Jill Klop…oops.  I don’t have your address Jill.  Please send it to me.

I already have the other addresses so just watch your mail.

A blog reader suggeted that I cut the leftovers up and offer them to all of you.  She suggested that people could buy a bundle so they could start their own collection to make the quilt.

Here is all of the LEFTOVER fabric.  This is from what was sent to me.  WOW…right?

This all has been sitting in my hallway waiting for the this day because I am going to do a version of what the blog reader suggested.

I was sent all sorts of fabrics.  Many people sent yardage or fat quarters as they didn’t trust their own cutting.  I am putting bags together of a mixture of what was gifted to me.  Some prints are colored pieces in either orange, purple, lime green, yellow, black, or grey.  Not all pieces are Halloween prints.  Some are an orange polka dot.  I used many of these type of pieces for the my quilt too.

Most every bag that I put together has both yardage and some 2 1/2″ strips.  I did it completely randomly.  It’s truly put together in grab bag style.


Here are all of the packages.  Everyone is sealed.  I have no idea what specifically is in each.  There are 13 packages.  I am guessing postage on these will be about $15.  I am willing to send out packages to the first 13 people who email me but I’m asking that you pay postage.  If you want to put little extra money to the amount to make a donation to the postage fund to help the charity quilting project I manage here on the blog, that would be awesome but not necessary.  Whatever donation you want to make is very appreciated.  Little or big, all will go to good use.

I would call these a starter pack.  You will still need background yardage for the quilt and possibly a few more fabric to even out the colors.

If you would like a package email me at rogjok@iowatelecom.net.

In the email include:
your full name and address
Tell how you would prefer to pay.  I prefer Paypal of Venmo but checks are fine too.  Minimum amount to pay is $15 to cover the postage.

If anyone wants two packages, let me know.  If there are some leftover after the blog post has been live for 24 hours, I will send a second package to you.

All packages will go out on Monday.

Thanks so much!!  I’ve made three Halloween quilts in my life.  I’m hoping that’s enough and I won’t need Halloween fabric again…but if I do, I know who to ask!!

33 thoughts on “Where We Are Published: American Patchwork and Quilting”

  1. That really turned out nice. I love the pattern style. Once again you continue to amaze me with your creativity.

    1. I sent the “Googly eyes” and over joyed that they made it into your quilt. Maybe others sent the same fabric also, because the response to your request was so great. I would have kept the excess fabric and made a hexi quilt from them!

  2. A take off on an Irish Chain ?? Looks lovely. and I’m glad I’m already a subscriber to the magazine, so I know it will show up in the mailbox soon

  3. So excited to know this one is coming to my mailbox soon. I love Halloween but there are no young kids in our life, so I’ll let someone else grab a bundle. Any chance you’ll do a sew along? I’d even be happy to put a bit into your postage fund (or to you personally) as a thank you.

  4. Thirten packages . . . Perfect number for Halloween!
    How about putting an autographed copy of the magazine for your next postage auction?

  5. Such a beautiful quilt! I really like the pattern. What a big bunch of fabric you have!! How generous of everyone.

  6. Pamela Dempsey

    I LOVE this Halloween quilt! I am SO excited to be one of the jellyroll winners, thank you so much :)

  7. Hi Jo! I just sent an email with my address for the jelly roll! Love the quilt and it’s got to be exciting to see your work published again!

  8. Just made the chocolate zucchini cake. It was wonderful and even better the next day after refrigeration. Reminds me of the Texas sheet cakes. Thanks

  9. Jo, Loved seeing your Youtube. Hearing your voice and seeing you “in person” makes you so much more real than all the blogposts I have read over the years. I am always amazed at your wonderful creations. I am so happy for your successes. Thanks for your inspiration.
    P.S Your video was well organized, explained, and easy to understand. Thank you.

  10. Picked up my mail this morning and there was my magazine. Then I read your blog post about the quilt!! I think I saw some of my fabric that I sent you. I’m not a Halloween person, but this pattern would be just as nice scrappy. Love your blog and posts.

  11. I see a LOT more Halloween quilts in your future! HAHA That’s a gorgeous quilt but would require more work than I’m willing to put into a quilt at this stage of my life. Just working on using the stash making donation quilts these days. And congrats to the jelly roll winners!!

  12. Went to the grocery and got the magazine. Love the quilt but Texas needs few quilts so Halloween is not my thing. Will probably make it repro. Love the idea of making some postage money for your projects. And you have done the hard part with it all bagged.

  13. I am always amazed at how quickly you put a quilt together. Thank you for the video. It has many tips I will use. I subscribe to some of the magazines where you were/are published. Your quilts are always a delight. I am enjoying watching the grandchildren grow up as I know you are. You are blessed with a wonderful family.

  14. I have been to Walmart, Meijer, CVS and have not found the magazine on newsstands. I recently bought a subscription but it isn’t here yet. Anyone, where did you buy your copy?

  15. Shelley Freeman

    Dear Jo,
    Today, my mail lady brought both the Halloween jelly roll from you and my copy of AP&Q with your Halloween quilt (which I love) !!!! Thank you so much for the jelly roll – it’s going to be such fun to use. :)
    You are an inspiration. Not only about quilting, needlework and cooking; but more importantly about living a meaningful life. I look forward to your blog every day.

  16. After going to Walmart, Joanns, Meijer, CVS, Hobby Lobby and trying to buy the copy online, (I bought a subscription), I found the magazine at Books a Million. I think 30s is my choice.

  17. Thanks again Jo for the jelly roll, it came safely and I love the fabrics . Looking forward to making one !

  18. I saw of what I swore was my fabric scattered throughout the Halloween quilt also. It was fun seeing it. On Jo’s red block of the month I know my red gifted only to her 2 1/2” strips were in there also. I love reading her blog and only this morning I was citing her thyroid condition to our finance lady who just had the same surgery and results. Thanks for everything Jo.

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