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Sometimes projects go in and out of here that I often forget what’s out or where it is.  That was the case of this quilt until someone told me it was hanging in American Patchwork and Quilting’s booth at the Houston Quilt Market.

First off…there is the magazine the quilt it in…December 2019 issue 161.

I had forgotten that it was in this issue until a blog reader contacted me and said, “Love your quilt in APQ magazine”.  Hmm, I thought.  Which one was that?

I went online and looked it up.  Yep.  Now I remembered.

Later I got a message from Carla the gal that does a lot of our longarming if the quilt is going in a magazine.  She said..Did you quilt the quilt that’s in the December issue of APQ?  I said yes….  She was surprised.  Typically I don’t do costume quilting and I don’t do anything like this.

Then Carla asked, “Did you use rulers?”  I said nope.  She was surprised again.

What happened was I had this top here that I adored but hadn’t quilted it.  I wanted some motivation so I snapped a couple pictures of it and sent it in to the magazine for consideration.  They said yes…can you have it here ASAP?  Oh great.  I wasn’t looking for that much motivation.  Although I know Carla would have dropped everything, I knew what I wanted on the quilt and thought I could pull it off and it would be “good enough”.  So I tried.

I did it free hand.  Look close.  You can see it’s free hand….I’m okay with it.  I can do something like this….it’s just point to point quilting.

I hate working with rulers so free hand was my option….and look.  It was good enough for magazine publication…and that’s proof that it’s okay to not be perfect and to just DO IT!

Well from there I was tagged in a Facebook post from Chris Wells on Quilted Twins’ page.  She said that she saw a picture of my quilt on Instagram from the Houston Quilt Market.  Oh my.  I didn’t even know it was going there.  Hmmm.  I’m flattered.  I hunted and tried to find a picture on line but didn’t see one.  Ahhh.  I figured it was all a myth and went on with life.

Then last week APS contacted me about sending back my quilt.  I asked if the quilt was at Quilt Market in Houston and asked if I could see a picture of it.  They sent this….It’s the middle quilt on the far right.

Well my quilt came home.  Here it is.

Here’s a full layout.  I had to laugh when I saw it.  First off I do love the quilt…second off but I remembered my sticker shock when I had to proof the instructions for this quilt.  It said I needed 1,968 half square triangles to make the quilt.

When I made it, I never counted.  I have a LARGE stash of bonus triangles.  You can read about them HERE on Bonnie Hunter’s blog if you aren’t familiar with them.  I purposely designed this quilt to use up as many of them as I could.  This quilt used plenty but I’m guessing I could make an entire quilt more with them.

This is small quilt for me….78 1/2″ x 84 1/2″.  It used up so much scrap.

Here is their alternative color way….  It looks nice in brighter fabrics with whites too.  It’s much cleaner and less busy.

Although the amount of triangle might be intimidating, it’s easy as it’s all the same block over and over except for the border.  This came entirely from my 2″ bucket except for the binding.  Even the backing was pieced together.

The backing has its own story.  Remember they asked me to get the quilt to them ASAP.  Well I had this backing at my house that I had put together for a different quilt.  I was gifting it and Kramer hated pieced backings so I ended up not using the backing for the gifted quilt and then the backing sat here.  When they said they wanted the quilt ASAP, I thought yes.  I’ll use it on this quilt.  The backing will never show in the magazine anyway.

Ahhh….it showed…See??

I don’t think a backing has even shown on any other quilt we have ever had published.  Oh my.  This was a quilt with a story for sure.

So if you’re hitting up the newstand, be sure to check out our quilt in the December 2019 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting….Isn’t it more fun when you know the story behind the quilt?  I sure think so.

33 thoughts on “Where We are Published: American Patchwork and Quilting”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I prefer a quilt with a pieced backing…much more interesting!! They obviously liked it as well because they deliberately set the picture up so the backing would show!!

  2. I will have to mosey on over to Joann’s today to have a peek. And the backing looks nice in the pic. Congratulations. This is a nice memory for you with the backing and all.

  3. Congratulations Jo! Fun to see how you get around with out leaving Iowa! It’s a fun and beautifully finished quilt! I love pieced backings and also scrap quilts!

  4. Jo, I have a tub with 4 patches made up so as soon as I can get away from my latest quilt it is getting moved up to the front burner. My quilting won’t be as fancy, but I really like the scrapy look.

  5. Congrats! I will have look for the magazine, as i have a lot of triangles left over. I love pieced backings. i think they are more interesting.

  6. As soon as I saw this in my magazine I looked to see if you designed it! I guess I’ve come to recognize your work. Congratulations!

  7. What a lovely quilt! I can see why you liked it so much. What a scrap buster! I’ll have to get a copy of this magazine and use some of my stash! I actually like the softer look of your color pallet better than the brighter look. It seems cozier. Congratulations!

  8. I bought the Magazine and have it on my bucket list for my scraps! I was so excited when I leafed through the magazine and saw it was yours! Thanks Jo!

  9. The magazine photo shows off your beautiful quilting in that close up. What drew my eye was the organic line look of your quilting in the background. Yum! Really nice quilt, Jo!

  10. I bought my copy the other day just because your quilt is in it. I’m trying to not have a hoard of magazines but who can resist if your quilt is in it? I love the idea of using up all those left over pieces and its a great quilt. Why not use a pieced back? Many of us use what we have on hand and get er done!

  11. Wow! Beautiful quilt, and very interesting story… I have to confess I prefer your color way rather than the one with all white, but to be fair they have to present a second option. :-) Nicely done all around.

  12. Congratulations on another published quilt! This one is awesome!!
    I love pieced backings and almost always do them. It is a great surprise that most people don’t expect to see. And I get to use up more scraps!
    Thanks for sharing another great quilt!

  13. A beautiful quilt, front & back with absolutely beautiful quilting! I love this quilt & now the story that goes with it!

  14. I almost bought that mag the other day. I think I will. Right now I’m working on your other quilt, ‘On the brighter side’ Well a smaller version of it. those star’s are so TINY!

  15. I loved this quilt from the minute I saw it years ago as it is now 2021. However, I saved only part of the pattern from APQ magazine. Help- where can I get the full pattern. Do not tell me to contact the magazine. They have difficult working with humans.

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