Where We are Published: American Patchwork and Quilting

Have you seen the cover of American Patchwork and Quilting?  My oh, oh my, I love that quilt on the front cover.  Wait…that’s our quilt!  This time when I say that’s our quilt Kelli and I are sharing the lime light with our friend and longarm quilter Carla Berst of Longarm Quilting Inspiration.

I love telling you some of the secrets behind the scenes.  Can you believe that this quilt has been sitting in my sewing room for TWO years??  Back when Kelli and I were considering writing another quilt book (NO-we aren’t writing a another book) we started making quilts that we thought we’d put in a book.  Well…we decided not to write another book…and the quilt sat and sat and sat.


I took it out and unfolded it time and time again.  I simply wasn’t brave enough to tackle all that white space.  I’m a chicken.  What can I say?  I thought about doing an all over design.  I knew in my heart that an edge to edge could make it go from being a potentially a great quilt to a good quilt…


So, I folded it up and put it away AGAIN.
I like the version that the quilt tester tried…notice not every edge block is a star?  The neutrals are scrappy.  Hmm.  Why didn’t I think of that?

The above pictures were from American Patchwork and Quilting…now some from me.

There I go off on a tangent.  Back to how this quilt got to Carla….The quilt had pretty much been forgotten about by now.

I’ve know Carla for a long time.  One day on Facebook I saw her ask a couple questions about blogging or growing her business.  I jumped in and we started chatting.  Then I went to Carla’s a couple times to help her get the blog set up….and then I saw all the amazing work Carla was doing and that’s when I called Kelli.


I knew that having someone do the longarm work on this would be expensive…I also knew I would never do it.  Kelli would never do it.  I was fairly certain that if it got finished one of the magazines would pick it up and publish it.  So I proposed to Kelli that we have Carla do the quilting.  She said yes.

Notice the difference in the above and below picture.  The quilt is square but taking the picture from different directions makes the above picture look like the quilt runs up and down.


Here it looks side ways.

I asked Carla and she said she would do it.  I told her it would likely be published so we wanted some BANG to the that big white area….and did Carla ever give it the bang it needed.  Check it out!


Kelli and I were both so impressed with Carla’s work.  It’s so nice.


We can’t say enough good things about her work.


American Patchwork and Quilting must have loved it too being they made it their cover quilt.

Here’s a Ruby picture with the quilt…


Here’s the backing and binding.  The binding is the same background fabric that the start blocks have.


Being I couldn’t decide which Ruby picture I liked best, I added them both.


What an honor to be cover girls again.  If it weren’t for Carla’s great work, it would have never happened.  I told Carla that she should probably make up a pricing sheet for this quilt as I’m expecting a few people might want her to the quilting for them once they get the quilt made.  Carla does some great work, her prices are reasonable.  She has a fast turn around.  She works really hard to make the quilt what the customer wants.

We plan on teaming up with Carla more often.  In fact, we have a team effort quilt coming up in the Spring issue of Quilts and More…soon to be on your news stand.

39 thoughts on “Where We are Published: American Patchwork and Quilting”

  1. Terrific quilt! The trail of stars has an amazing effect. I’m also thinking you figured out how to avoid a diagonal set. I’ll be looking for a copy of this issue for sure. Congratulations!

  2. Carla does awesome work. She did a quick turnaround t shirt quilt for me and does exactly what she says and had good suggestions.

  3. I loved that quilt the minute I saw it on the cover of my magazine. It’s beautiful anyway, but Carla’s quilting really did make it special!

  4. Beautiful ladies!!! Congratulations on getting published and getting to be cover girls!!!! I’ve got to buy that magazine!!!!

  5. Jo, this quilt is so fabulous that when I got the magazine, I drew it up in EQ so I could play with colors. My first thought was brown scraps, shirtings for background, and red stars. In all, I colored it six different ways so it’s probably a good thing that I can’t get upstairs and start cutting and sewing (recovering from knee replacement). It just gives me a little more time to “get happy” with my choices. Now I’m thinking about a red background with brown scraps and neutral stars. Yes, those are the three fabrics I have in over abundance of right now. Keep up the great work. I love, love, love this one!

  6. I love this quilt!!! I think this is my favorite quilt that you and Kelly have made. I’ve quit all my quilt magazine subscriptions except for one. I will HAVE to get this issue when I see it on the newsstand! Beautiful job!

  7. Congratulations to all 3 of you for being Cover Girls! the quilt is lovely and I really like the way it changes if you lay it down differently. Ruby looks like she is a happier dog sitting on it.

  8. I was in awe when my APQ issue arrived yesterday and I saw the cover. Wondering who the designer/maker was, I went to the page the quilt was on. I said to hubby — “This beautiful quilt is from the blog of a Mother-Daughter team that I follow”. Amazing quilt and amazing ladies. Thanks for the quilt show in my lap. Congratulations.

  9. I loved this quilt on the cover and didn’t even realize it was yours. I am so anxious to start their star quilt along from the magazine to do this quilt. It is stunning. The design is so unique to use the star blocks in the design amongst the squares of the same size. What a beautiful quilt.

  10. Hi Jo !
    I must have been in a fog when I read my copy of American Patchwork and Quilting. Loved this quilt and did not see it was your and Kelli’s quilt. Its gorgeous! The quilting definitely adds a bang to it. I longarm as well, but sometimes its so nice to have another persons perspective added to our work. Great job and Congratulations on being published again!

  11. I love all of the quilts that you and Kelli design – we have the same taste in quilt designs! But this one – oh my – it is a stunner!! I don’t subscribe to that mag anymore, so I’ll have to make sure I get out and buy a copy. I need this pattern!! Congratulations on making the cover!

  12. I love that quilt, I was so excited for you guys when my magazine arrived in the mail. I love, love it!!! Let me say I love it!!!!!

  13. Catholic Bibliophagist

    Wow!!! I almost never buy quilting magazines anymore. But this one I’ve got to get! Congratulations to all three of you for making the cover.

  14. Oh, oh, oh! What a beautiful quilt. It’s those wonderful little star blocks that border the scrappy blocks that just intrigue me. And I love all the white space. I don’t subscribe to AP&Q but I’m sure going to order a copy if I can’t find it in the stores. Congratulations on a most outstanding quilt! You girls are so talented!

  15. Congrats to you and Kelli on being “Cover Girls!” My issue came in yesterday’s mail and I almost let out a squeal when I read that beautiful cover quilt was made by you two! So happy for you girls.

  16. I just received my copy of APQ and immediately swooned over the cover quilt. I turned to the article and lo and behold, the designers were familiar names! Congrats to you both. Carla has done a wonderful job on your quilt. Bravo to all!

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  18. Hello. Where can I find and buy the pattern for tbe quilt on cover of American patchwork and quilting issue 150? Thank you for your help!!

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  20. Rubye Marie Kelly

    Jo, I have made the 256 stars for On the Bright Side and am beginning to put the blocks together. Thinking ahead, I’m wondering how I should place the corner stars in each block so that when I assemble the blocks, the seams in the stars will nestle properly in those places where two stars are sewn next to each other. I’m not able to figure out how to avoid having very bulky spots in the quilt that will result if the seams within adjoining stars do not nestle together. Hope you have a tip for me. Thank you!

    1. sorry…no tip for you Rubye. I just flip my seams if need be. Unfortunately, this is one of those quilts that there really isn’t a way around that.

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