Where I’ll Be…

Just a little heads up…if I’m not here on this blog, you might find me over at my early childhood education blog.  I’m splitting my time a bit.

Being I’m going back to childcare a lot of the things I am thinking about and working on are childcare related.  I don’t think some of you are interested in that…some of you might be though as many of you are grandmas or parents to younger children.

You can find my blog here.  Today’s post was about my favorite parenting book ever,  How to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms and Other Impossible Tasks by Henry Isaaksen.  The book is wonderful.

Yesterday’s post was about a project I did with my kiddos and what we learned while we did it.

Don’t worry…I’ll still be here.

I know so many of you read the blog each morning as part of your breakfast routine.  Just know if for some reason I’m not here…I’m over there.  I am putting a link to my other blog, Making Learning Fun in the side bar blog roll so you can access it anytime.

1 thought on “Where I’ll Be…”

  1. Josie McRazie

    I recently started following you. Found you looking up some Bonnie Hunter quilts (she’s my fave) I also watch kids and find your house Reno interesting!! Plus we are only 4(ish) hours from each other! (I’m in the Quad Cities) thanks for all the great info you offer!!

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