Where Did that Come From??

This was a long week for me…I had new families to childcare and getting things together for the blog hop had me hopping.  Add to that I caught the bug the kids had and still can’t quite knock this cold out.  Did I mention I dog sat for Kelli and Kalissa a few of days too??

Let’s just say I was happy to see Friday night roll around.

After childcare Kelli and Jason came by to pick up their dog.  They went on a anniversary get away…it’s hard to believe that wedding was a year ago already.  They visited for awhile.  I offered to make supper but Jason didn’t want to stay that long (they ended up leaving two hours later but still insisting for me not to cook for them).  As they left, Kalissa and Craig arrived.

We chatted with them for a couple hours and by then, it was WAY past supper time so I quick fried up the fish I had thawed.

We chatted some more they decided it was time to go home.  They guys were in the garage and Kalissa was going over the weekend plans with me when she suddenly yelled, “BAT?!”.  Then I saw it.  There was a bat.  How or where that came from I had no idea.

As a kid growing up we would get them in the barn and my dad said to never let it get in your hair.  So I grabbed a towel and put it on head.  I made my way to the broom closet.  By that time the guys heard us Kalissa screaming.  They came in a calmly opened the doors.  The bat would swoop and finally Hubby got it out the door.

Kalissa was hiding under the butcher block island making fun of me….she snapped this picture.

You just never know what’s going to happen at our house.

Hubby had just said when he was home for lunch that we should do something different tonight…(I am sure he meant to go out)  I guess having a bat in the house qualifies as something different…right?!

We have no idea where it came from but I sure hope this was just a fluke.  I am not a bat fan!!

4 thoughts on “Where Did that Come From??”

  1. Jo, you are likely to see another one. If you do , you (or your hubby) need to find and seal off every hole dime-size or larger. Bats are habitual. They will return to the same place every year to breed and raise a new set of young. I know. We have had bats in our garage for years. The garage is over 100 years old. The house was built next to it 60 years ago when this plot of land was split in half and whoever built the house chose to use the garage that was already there. Plus, we live in an area of town that has constantly shifting ground so as the garage shifts new openings open up. Good Luck!

  2. You made me laugh out loud. Hubby couldn’t image what I was reading that was so funny! We have a bat story too. Rented an A-frame condo on Lake of the Ozarks some 20+ years ago. 10 yr old Daughter & friend woke us up with screams about midnite. Insisted there was a bat in the house. Sure enough it swooped past hubby & I so close we felt the breeze. Hunted and hunted for that bat. Never found it so made the kids go to the basement where there were doors on the bedrooms. Closed the doors and went back to bed, no sleeping involved tho for me. Oh forgot to mention 12 yr old son slept thru it all in the loft of the a-frame. Next morning I’m cooking breakfast and there right at eye level hanging on the slanted side of the a-frame wall was that darn bat, just inches from my head. Son scooped it up in a pillowcase and took it outside to release it. It wouldn’t come out of pillowcase so I said just leave it pillowcase and all. He did but then a few hours later being a 12 yr old adventurous boy, went back to check on it. The bat was gone from the pillowcase and thank goodness it was our last night in the rental. We laugh about that still today.

  3. Bats can find an object smaller than one human hair with their amazing echolocation systems, so no one is in danger of them getting tangled in hair.

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