When the Farmer is away…Kelli will play!

A post from Kelli–

Jason has been gone lately…like gone a lot.  This harvest season has been very long.  It seems like just as soon as thing are up and running, something else breaks, it’s a holiday, or there is some thing else that needs immediate attention.  Normally, Jason works from like 6 in the morning until 9 or 10 at night.  Lately, he’s been working til midnight or later more nights than he isn’t.  This makes for having any semblance of a relationship quite difficult.  Add in my schedule between my two jobs which covers days, nights, and every shift in between and it’s not uncommon to go a week or so without seeing each other awake for more than 10 minutes.  A couple days ago, Jason called to see if I wanted to ride in the combine for a bit and of course, I said yes!  After a bit, I even got to get in on moving some machinery around and this was what I got to do–Drive the combine!

Farm 2 (293x400)

While we were in the combine, we got to talking about getting a Christmas tree.  It’s a debate that we have every year.  I always want a real one….Jason thinks it’s a bad idea.  His response is usually that the real trees make a mess.  I then continually remind him that he doesn’t clean up any messes and so if he doesn’t clean up the messes, he doesn’t get a say.  We go back and forth for a bit and really never come to a conclusion.

So on Saturday I was in town for a Small Business Satuday shopping event and this tree just so happened to jump into my car!

Tree 5 (293x400)

It didn’t completely fit into the backseat and since I had to go to work before I was able to get home, I couldn’t pop it in the trunk and leave the trunk open because it would run by battery down.

I had picked up shifts all weekend at the nursing home, so I didn’t have time to get it set up, but that was first on my list for Monday morning.  Mom reminded me that I needed to cut a few inches off of the bottom of the tree to make sure it could “drink” some water.  I mentioned this to Jason and asked him to help me cut it.  As expected, he wasn’t too thrilled and on the way to a dentist appointment so he mentioned a Saws-all and I asked about a “circle saw” which he quickly informed me was a circular saw.  He was pretty much running out the door, but didn’t really have any further instructions on where either thing might be at.  I figured that I’d walk out to the shop and try to find it myself.  Boy was I wrong….

Tree 3 (293x400)

Checked the heated part of the shop–No dice!

Tree 4 (293x400)

After another walk through, I did end up finding the circular saw.

Tree 2 (293x400)

I tried plugging it in, but couldn’t find how to turn it on.  I figured I’d look it up online, but they wanted to tell me about safety type things and I wasn’t really interested in that…although I sure should have been!  I just called Buck for a quick little lesson, however his lesson was that I needed to put it away immediately.  Apparently he had a bad experience once and refused to tell me how to turn it on, so that option was out.  I called Jason quick who was on his home by this time and he said he would bring me home a hand saw.

By the time I got home from running Ruby to the vet, Jason had dropped the saw off and I set to work.  Needless to say, I would make a horrible pioneer!  Between not being able to shower every day and having to saw down trees, I would probably be dead after a week!

After much whining, complaining, and sawing attempts though, I got it figured out!

Tree 1 (293x400)

So for now, it’s up!  No decorated as I needed to grab a few things at Walmart to get my ornaments up.  I’m hoping to work on getting it decorated this afternoon or night.  I’m going with a gold, red, and burlap theme…mostly cause those are the decorations I already have and I’m trying to watch my spending a bit more.

As for Jason’s thoughts, I had it up for three days and he didn’t even notice.  Last night when I finally pointed it out to him, he just informed me that it wasn’t quite straight…But he did drive my point home–Having a real tree doesn’t really impact him much at all!  I’ll call that a win!

4 thoughts on “When the Farmer is away…Kelli will play!”

  1. Nothing beats a real tree. Mess or no!
    In our house it was whether or not we would be out of town visiting family for the holiday and not able to keep it watered. Amazing how much water they soak up.

  2. Ha, I recall having the same discussion when I was a young wife and we usually got a real tree because I just handled it. Enjoy it, its worth it.

  3. This made me smile! About 25 years ago I had my ears pierced. My husband didn’t like pierced ears and said he wouldn’t like me to have it done. However I did and the children and I waited for him to notice. It took two days! Of course he couldn’t really complain when he hadn’t noticed immediately! And I still love my pierced ears!

  4. This story makes me chuckle as well. Years ago it was necessary for us to switch from 2% milk to 1%. My hubby said that there was no way he would drink 1%. So I started buying 1%, put the smaller bags in a big bag marked 2% and for 1 month, he drank 1% and never noticed any difference or made any remarks about the taste. After 1 month, I left the milk in its 1% bag. When he saw it, I was again reminded that he would never drink that. That’s when I informed him that he had been drinking it for a month. We have been drinking 1% ever since.

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