When the Cutter isn’t the Sew-er

Well I managed to make Kelli frustrated…and she managed to make me frustrated.

I have been trying to work on Kalissa’s quilt as time and my injured shoulder allow.  Kelli has been super and volunteered to help with the cutting.  It’s my right shoulder that’s injured and using the rotary cutter is not something that would be good for my shoulder at all.

I the picture you can see the Kelli looks a little frustrated.  She is.  She is frustrated with me.

If you have even been to a trunk show or a class taught by us, you know that one of the things that Kelli and I talk about is how we both work differently when it come to sewing quilts.  Both of us have gotten set enough in our ways and how we sew that sometimes if we are both working on the same project each of us want to do it our own way.


For example…Kelli likes to cut everything out and doesn’t want a single piece sewn before the cutting is entirely finished.  Not me.  I like to test a block or two or seven to make sure I like it…or that the pattern works.

When Kelli was cutting I started sewing.  She no longer got a chance to keep her piles all neat and orderly.

Instead she sees me sewing and leaving piles of this…


and this…

Now for my taste, she cut wrong.  She didn’t stack the pieces when she cut so that they are just ready to feed into the machine.  The way she cut the pieces have to be picked up and put together before then can be fed through the machine and the extra units had to counted out.

Well she didn’t know that I didn’t know that so I happily sewed along leaving a complete and total miscounted mess to be dealt with.

To say that she’s frustrated with me would be putting it mildly.  It’s a good thing I am her mom and she has to love me regardless because right now…I’m not feeling lots of love.  To be honestly, I don’t think she is either….

If this was my own project, with not deadline and no shoulder injury, I think Kelli would have given up on me by now.


I am so happy she hasn’t.

All this mis-match and cutting entirely different from how I was sewing has left us wondering if we have enough fabric…Yep.  This has turned into “that” quilt.  The one that drives you crazy but you have to power through anyway….

Little by little as each block gets together we sigh a little sigh of relief that we’re one block closer to having the center finished.  We’re one block closer to know that we will have enough fabric.

Keep your fingers crossed for us…Let hope we make it.  Let’s hope Kelli and I stay together after this experience and lets hope the quilt gets finished on time.

7 thoughts on “When the Cutter isn’t the Sew-er”

  1. I totally understand, Jo about you & Kelli working together yet having different methods!!
    I do think the colors & fabrics are beautiful! This quilt is going to be so special w/ the colors, fabrics & so much of you & Kelli in this quilt together.

  2. You’ll laugh about this later…maybe not so much right now. (lol) Nose to grindstone and you’ll both get through and the quilt will be gorgeous.

  3. Yes, we certainly have our own methods. But chip, chop, carry on!!! :) If you run out of fabric, put a photo on your blog and your readers will probably send you a few hundred yards of it.

  4. Lorraine is correct…you know we all watch and are proud of ourselves when we can say to ourselves….”I have that fabric!!”( I think that our backs get a little straighter even!!! bahahahahaa ) and it is scrappy..IF by chance you run short somewhere…through in a another piece of something else. Making memories, ladies!!!

  5. Please go get a cortisone injection in your shoulder. I swear it will start feeling better in three to four days. I could not raise my arm above chest high. I could not shampoo my own hair in the shower.

  6. When you’re finished with the wedding quilt and your shoulder is better, would you please explain what you mean about stcking the pieces as you cut so you don’t have to pick up each piece individually? Does your book show this technique with each of the quilts in the book? I agree – a cortisone shot may help. If that’s an option, your doctor can work with you to determine when the best time for it should be – now or closer to the wedding so you’ll be pain free for the wedding. Thanks for sharing your quilts, the kiddies adventures, and life with us.

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