When the Cat is Away….My Cabinet

Well the Cat (Hubby) is away.  We are full into spring planting which means I move to unending alone time status…so I’m playing…and I’m playing in HIS space.

Remember that cabinet we bought when we were out junking…this one.


I know it looks rough and crappy but someday it’s going to be in my kitchen and serve as the microwave stand.  I am super excited about it.  As is, It’s hard to see how it could ever happen but it will and I started the process.

I thought that being Hubby is away I’m free to roam the garage without getting in his space.  Not that he doesn’t share…he does but it’s easier with one working out there.  I also thought it would be nice for him to come back to something that won’t take long to finish.  If I do most of the stripping, it won’t take him long at all to get the rest of the work done that it needs.

With the help of a heat gun I was able to quickly get the paint stripped and the drawers sanded.


Right now they are only rough sanded but that’s okay.  The hardest step is getting the old paint off…See how good they look?They will need to be fine sanded but right now, my goal is to simply get them stripped and rough sanded.


The cabinet itself is proving to be a little harder.  The heat gun doesn’t work but simple sanding does..and least on the doors.


It’s working on the sides too.  Can you believe all the different colors and treatments on this cabinet?!  I sure can’t.


I was hoping to get much of this done without Hubby knowing and surprise him but I need some help to get a work station for myself set up.  He’s going to have to help me get it lifted and set in place.  After that, it will full speed ahead.

I really think if I can get it stripped, he’ll finish up his part which is to put a backing on it and beef up the bottom.  I’m so excited.  I love it when we work on projects together.  Few things make me happier than walking through the house thinking we did this together and that together…this is going to be another piece I can do that with.

6 thoughts on “When the Cat is Away….My Cabinet”

  1. You did an amazing job getting that paint off the drawer! That cabinet is going to be gorgeous when finished! Can’t wait to see it!!!

  2. It takes a special talent to see the possibilities in pieces like that. You got that talent and also the push to get it done! You and Hubby are lucky you enjoy the same things! I can hardly wait to see it finished!

  3. Jo- Can you tell me more about the heat gun? I have a Hoosier cabinet that needs refinishing, and the heat gun sounds like a better option than doing a chemical stripper. How hot does the heat gun have to get? Would a heat gun that is used for embossing paper crafts work?

  4. That’s one of the great things about marriage, working together whether on dinner or a project like yours.
    My DH helps me with fabric choices for quilts. He took me to a local quilt shop that was having a 40% off sale and we picked out backing fabric for 6 quilts!

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