What’s Wrong With This Picture?

A post from Kelli–

Car Outside


Any ideas as to what is wrong with this picture?  A few hints….1.  The red building in the background is a larger garden type shed where we keep the lawn mower.  2.  The white building to the left is my garage.  3.  It is very obviously winter.

Well if you happened to guess that the thing wrong with this picture is that my car is not in the garage, you are right!

Recently, I had an appointment in the morning that got cancelled so I decided to run to Decorah quick as the weather was supposed to be nasty the rest of the weekend and I was out of milk, bread, eggs, and cheese.  When I came back and drove into the garage, a (not so) lovely opossum was poking his head out from behind the pop cans that I need to take into the redemption center.   I backed out of the garage and left it outside then I quickly put it in park and grabbed my stuff and ran to the house!  I wanted nothing to do with any ideas the opossum may have had.  I told Jason about it and asked him to “take care of it” but we had plans for Saturday night and he wasn’t able to make it home Sunday night due to the weather.

I think I may need to with-hold supper until he “fixes” things with the opossum!!

2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. I don’t think we have those where I live in Canada… are they dangerous? Will it do any damage in your garage or just set up residence? How will Jason deal with it? Trap it? I guess you will make sure that the garage door is kept closed eh?

  2. Maybe if you leave the garage door open, it will go away? I live in Iowa too…. in town. I was walking up to the school (less than a block away) for a meeting one night a few months ago. I thought I was seeing a cat cross in front of me on the sidewalk, but then I recognized the waddle, and realized it was a possum. I didn’t know if I should run back home, or run to the school. I hate those things – they make me scalp tingle!

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