What’s Wrong With This Picture?

So tell me friends…What is wrong with this picture?  If you guessed that I’m back at the doctor with my foot, you’re right.

UGH.  I can’t believe that this has gone on so long.

It’s such a saga.  It all started about his time last year when I slipped and fell on a canning jar ring….it got a lot better after about 6 weeks then I was good for a month or two.  Then on my birthday in December I injured it again only in another spot.  It’s never been good since…better at times but I’ve never been completely pain free.

I was tired of it.  I’ve bought shoes…I’ve tried many suggestions.  Things might work better for a day or two but never pain free and never normal at all.  I’ve gotten to the point that I feel like my bunion gets bigger and bigger all the time.

So what’s up next?We discussed a few things.

Option #1
A custom made insole that will be molded for my own unique foot.  Expensive and insurance doesn’t cover it.  I will have to wear tennis shoe type shoes for the rest of my life.

Option #2
Surgery.  It would entail breaking the bone at the top of my foot that goes to my big toe.  Then readjusting it.  He’d also go in for a second part of surgery and cut the bone in my second toe and shorten it.  With this I’d be non weight baring for 6 weeks with a boot after that for anywhere from a week to a month.  I might be able to wear shoes other than tennis shoes again but no guarantee.  The risks are with any surgery…healing, infection, blood clots….hmm.

If I have the surgery it would be completely covered by insurance.  I’ve met my deductible and out of pocket expenses.

I did talk to the doctor we think I would have to take two weeks off completely then I could try childcare.  I’d get one of the scooter that goes under your knee.  It would be slow and hard.  We’d have to change up our routines and activities but I think we could manage…slowly.  By then I’ll be down to fewer kids as school would soon be starting.  We’d do more sitting by the table and doing activities…reading books and less outdoor running time.

What’s a girl to do?  We’re likely going with surgery.  If I have the custom in sole I might eventually have to go with surgery later.  We have really good insurance right now.  If I wait and don’t do it for 10 years or 15 years who knows what insurance I’d have and who knows if my diabetes will be worse and they’d not recommend surgery because of it.  Right now, I think surgery is the way to go.

We then went on to a debate about when to do it.  I thought the end of September when Kalissa and one of my childcare families is on maternity leave.  Hubby said no.  He says ASAP.  He’ll be busy then and unable to help.  I wouldn’t be able to help Kalissa then either.

With my childcare families we think it might be easier for them to find alternative care now here before school starts.  Some of them have friends or relatives that work at school.  They are off now and might be able to help now….

So it looks like we’re full speed ahead and looking at surgery as soon as we can get in.  Oh my…I thought I might end up at the point that I might need surgery.  I was just hoping it wasn’t so soon….yes, I do know there are complications but I sure like thinking of the prospect of walking pain free… Ruby does too.  That poor dog needs a good walk and I’m the gal who really wants to give her one.

15 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. Gosh! You’ve really been through a lot this year! As I was reading your post, I was thinking that if it were me, I’d just want my foot fixed. I was thinking I’d do the surgery. I keep you in my prayers for the thyroid cancer! I’m adding the foot now too! Hang in there!

  2. Good luck with your surgery! I know walking with foot pain is no fun! I think you have made the right choice. I have the custom inserts and they have to be replaced every 3-5 years! ugh! I hope you are able to get in really soon and get it all taken care of. This has been quite a year for you!
    Ellie Lively

  3. I had options also with my bunion, special shoes etc. I finally said, just do the surgery. It didn’t go 100% as expected but the pain is 100% gone. I’ll never be sorry.

  4. I feel your pain. I have had 5 surgeries on left foot and 4 on right. The last surgery on left, they took bone off my hip and to length the bone you are talking about and it
    Has 6 screws in it. That has done good. I need to have my toes on right foot straightened.
    They are going over and over each other.
    I know you don’t want to have surgery but from experience, that will be the best way to go
    To stop the pain.

  5. Jo, I had this exact surgery two summers ago. If I had to give you any advice, I would tell you to have it done by an orthopedic surgeon. My recovery was much longer. I was in a walking cast (unremovable kind) for three months followed by two months in a ‘rocker’ soled sandal. It was a full year before I was back to normal. I’m not trying to discourage you, but just share my experience. Good luck to you.

  6. Hope you’re pain free soon! When I had knee surgery and had to be non weight bearing, stairs were really hard for me. Maybe you could set up your bed downstairs for awhile.

  7. I agree with Carolyn S. Use an orthopedic surgeon. I was on a knee scooter and that was much better than crutches. I agree about having surgery sooner rather than later. Foot pain is no fun.

  8. Sharon Hughson

    Several MDs have told me across the years to always get a second opinion when surgery is involved. Persnall I go as big as I can even driving across state lines. Hoping all goes well. One word of caution, the results of any surgery may not end pain free. If you are guaranteed by the Dr. I’d look for another Dr.

  9. Good Luck Jo! I had to make the same kind of choice about my back a few years ago. My husband was retiring and out insurance was changing for the worse. We decided to get it over with, and once I recovered (that was painful), I have not regretted it for a minute. I’ll be praying for an easy surgery and quick recovery.

  10. hello Jo, I am in week 7 in a boot after surgery.Mine was less complicated than yours and I am looking at a total of 9 weeks before I can go back to work. within 2 days the original pain was gone but it is a very slow recovery, it just takes a lot of time for a foot to be completely healed. I only had one week of no weight then just on my heel for 3 weeks, whichever route you go I feel for you.

  11. As a retired ortho nurse (many years ago!!!I worked Ortho) everyone’s foot issues are different.
    I thought you were also diagnosed w diabetes, maybe I’m wrong, but diabetic foot care (aka shoes and inserts) are covered as a PREVENTATIVE. I would ask about it w your insurance.

    As for the surgery…. Good luck now seems like the better financial choice for you.

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