What’s Up?

I guess you’re noticing there was no new blog post today…I’m good.  We’re all good.  I’ve just been overly busy and have a long list of to-do’s before I have time to sit down at the computer and write a proper post.

So in the meantime know:

I’m good.
I have to make a special order mask.
I have to go to the grocery store.
I have to pay attention to the garden.

I have to breath for a second.

This week I’ve had an over abundance of love and support sent my way.  So much so, that I am so far behind.  It’s all good, but I’m taking today to kind of catch up.   There’s a blog post scheduled for tonight…I hope you have a box of Mac and Cheese, hamburger and salsa in the cupboard because I have a recipe you’re going to want to try.

I’ll be back to the regular schedule tonight.  Thanks for letting me be human.

8 thoughts on “What’s Up?”

  1. You are always “human”! That’s why I enjoy your blog. My mom always said she loved us kids, “warts and all” Enjoy your busy day.

  2. Joy in NW Iowa

    You are always like the batting some use….warm and natural! And that is why we love you! Sending hugs from NW Iowa!

  3. Enjoy your day, life can get busy for all of us, I will be here when you come back to the blog, just breath….

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