What’s That??

There’s a wonderful gal that works at the antique shop where we have out booth.  She’s so good at helping me with pricing things and giving me an idea on what things are.  Rarely can I stump her.  I thought it might be fun today to send you and tell you the same things I tell her and see how you all do.

First item up…this…

We’ll call this item #1.  Any guesses on what it might be??  Any suggestions on a price?

This is item #2…This came in a box of stuff from an auction….

It’s dirty…I have no idea how I’d clean it.

It’s interesting…
What looks like a “top” does not come off.

Any guesses?  Any idea on how to clean it?  Any idea if it’s anything anyone would buy?

Here’s item #3.  Obviously it’s a bowl.

Here’s a few more pictures.

I see these regularly on auction and antique shops in our area.  Typically they have advertising on them.  This one has no advertising.

So item #3 the apple bowl….what should I price this at?

That’s the three items I have for you this time.  I think it’s going to be so fun to read the comments.  If you are commenting, try to write your comment before you read the other comments.  It might make the guessing that much more fun.

49 thoughts on “What’s That??”

  1. Item #1 is for toothpicks. You fill it with toothpicks and when you push down the bird it picks up a toothpick. I have a very old cast metal one that was my mothers. Sorry, I have no idea of what to price it as.

  2. The glass reminds me of an abstract mouse. Cannot make out the name on the bottom of the bowl. I think that is a woodpecker pecking at toothpicks.
    Interesting items. I usually overprice things so I am no help.

  3. I believe the glass thing is a kind of barometer and is usually partly filled with colored water. The changes in barometric pressure raise and lower the water in the tube. As for cleaning it, I think I would try soaking with white vinegar first and if that doesn’t work then I’d try denture cleaning tablets. Pricing? Who knows?

  4. I love #1 even if I don’t know what it is. I think#2 is for measuring barometric pressure so you can predict the weather. I would try denture tablets for cleaning. What fun!

  5. I agree, number 2 is a barometer. My grandmother used to use an upside down empty ketchup bottle and I think a dish with water. She kept it on her kitchen table.

  6. I believe the bowl is Blue Ridge pottery. I don’t have an idea on price but you can probably find Etsy and eBay listings.

  7. Item #3 is a Watt Pottery apple bowl- my grandmother had a entire set of these dishes and I still have the teapot/sugar/creamer. They are a genuine antique and in my area (Michigan) a single bowl would go for between 30-40 depending on condition.

  8. That was fun…… others already guessed what I would have said….. except…. I would ask $7.50 for each item.

  9. #1 is for toothpicks #2 is a sort of barometer #3 is a Watts bowl. I have no idea what to price it at. I have one with a crack. PAM

  10. Paulette Voit

    I know the first one is for toothpicks. I have a toothpick holder like that my bird is painted black and the tree itself is brown. I know they’re quite old. The second item is a barometer. To clean it I wonder if you put maybe some vinegar in it and that may do the job. Not sure on the origin of the bowl.

  11. I think #2 had something to do with the weather and held colored water and was maybe suspended by string knotted around it. Regarding cleaning, try vinegar and if that doesn’t work try bleach. I put bleach in my flower vases overnight and use the bleach in a load of white laundry the next day and the vases come out spotless.

  12. Item #1 is a toothpick dispenser. The birds beak picks up a toothpick when pushed down and comes back up. Item #2 is a hanging plant holder. The part at the top has a loop in the glass to run strong fishing line or other cord through. You put a cutting from a plant down the stem into water inside the glass bulb. The cutting will root and looks great while it grows. Maybe pour some vinegar into it and let it sit for a while. The acid in the vinegar may cut through the water stains inside. These were popular in the 70’s and 80’s. I had a couple years back. No ideas about #3.

  13. The bird is a barometer. You put water in the dish.if it rains the bird raises up if it’s dry it goes down like it is drinking. My mom had one with a different bird on it. The one that looks like a bong is a barometer.you put blue colored water in it. Don’t fill it all the way. Water will rise to the top when a storm is coming.

  14. Item #2 is a barometer. The ones I’ve seen have usually had colored water in them to make them easier to read. I would probably make some warm sudsy water in a basin and let the barometer sit in it for a while before shaking it all around and then rinsing. The rinsing could take a few tries, so don’t go crazy with the soap.

  15. With that warm soapy water … after it sits for a while, drop in a couple pinches of long grain rice and shake, shake shake. The hard rice moves the softened dirt off the sides and bottom. Strain the dirty water in ______ and dump the rice in the trash. I like the idea of the plants unless something cool happens as a barometer.
    Glad to know KELLI keeps her floss loose like mine is!

  16. #1 toothpick holder
    #2 barometer Try filling with Dawn dish washing liquid ( blue original) and water and let it sit for a while.
    #3 Don’t know what the brand is on the Bowl but my Grandmother had one.

    Sorry no idea on prices either.

  17. Laurie Williams

    Use “Whinks” to clean glass barometer. You can find it in the laundry section in a brown bottle. It works great. Squeeze a small amount in, swish around, and be amazed!

  18. Judith Fairchild

    To clean the glass item use vinegar then rinse well and if still stained use bleach. My mom had a small one she used to start cuttings. The humming bird is probably a toothpick picker. The bowl is beautiful but no idea about pricing. It’s probably from the ’20,s or ’30,s. Price depends on condition

  19. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

    Enjoyed this post. Had no clue on anything but #2 as a weather thingie. Enjoyed reading everyone’s guesses.

  20. Hi Jo,
    It’s a barometer- also called a “storm glass”. I have one hanging in its brass holder in my family room. I think I paid $20 for it about 15 years ago.

  21. Donna Kirkland

    Number 3 – I have three bowls just like them. I bought them from a friend garage sale who collects antiques. She said they were highly collectible and I would think if it isn’t chipped you could ask $30.00 for it.

  22. 1 is a toothpick holder and my grandmother had one that was metal since yours is plastic I would guess about 8-10 bucks. I’ve seen the metal ones for around 18 to 22 here
    2 is the glass part to a barometer for weather but I believe its missing the part that allows it be hung up. Not sure what its worth but I think some vinegar or denture cleaner might be the ticket for cleaning it
    3 is the Watts Apple bowl and since its a larger size and it appears to have some wear around the lip and the bottom, it would sell for 30 – 40 here. Antique pottery items have dropped in prices in TN.
    I look forward to the answer and what you end up listing them for, I love seeing your booth and all those marvelous items.

  23. I have a set of 3 apple bowls like yours that were my grandmother’s. I saw one in an antique mall priced at $75, but I don’t know if they actually got that for it. Seems steep to me, but then I wouldn’t sell mine at any price.

  24. #1 is a tooth pick holder. My grandparents had one and the holder part was painted like a log.
    #2 is for telling the barometric pressure. Put colored water in it and it rises as the air pressure changes.

  25. I would use CLR on the barometer, and agree with 1. Toothpicks 2. Barometer 3. $30-$40 is what I’d pay for that beautiful bowl.
    This was fun!

  26. First item a toothpick holder. I think we had one when we were first married. No idea on a price. I don’t get to antique shops.

  27. #1 Toothpick dispenser – When I was little I thought they were fun.
    #2 Barameter – fill with colored water – not sure what it means when the water in high in the spout or low.

    #3 Is a very nice bowl.
    I have no ideal about pricing. The items are all very interesting. You find the greatest stuff.

  28. Number 2 is a barometer. I have one and love it. I have put Clorox into the spout to clean, but be careful it’s hard to get all of it out. . Mine hangs on the wall with a metal stand that has a small cup to catch the water if I fill it to full. Fill the barometer to the top of the spout piece when the weather changes the water will go up or down. If you want a pic just let me know cause my explanations are as clear as mud.

  29. Louverna Tomer

    I would use vinegar and salt to clean the glass container,
    The apple bowl was made by the Watt Pottery Company. It was located here in Ohio, in Perry County. It closed in the 1960’s ( think). (A lot of pottery companies were here in Ohio. A good clay area.) I live in Southeast Ohio, on the Ohio River, and this apple pattern is very collectible. I have a pitcher of this pattern. They come in 2 leaf and 3 leaf designs. I would ask around $25-$30 around here if it is in excellent condition (no cracks or glazing). I’m in my 70’s and my Mom used this pottery.

  30. If vinegar doesn’t do the job of removing hard water/mineral deposits, on the west coast we use CLR for mineral deposits and rust stains. When I served on the alter guild at church, we used half a denture tablet in the wine decanter to remove the red wine discoloration.

  31. Rebecca Haughn

    The only thing I know for sure is the number 2 item, It is indeed a weather barometer and I have one with purple water in it. Works really well to tell me when the pressure is low. I have mine I bought for 15 bucks with a metal holder which hangs on the wall. I has a little like a dish on the bottom in case it overflows. the dish and back strap to attach to wall is nothing special. Easily to be made by a handy guy if you wish.

  32. #1 is for picking up toothpicks. If I remember right my family had one when I was a kid. No idea what item 2 is and I have no idea for pricing on anything.

  33. #1 a needle threader?
    #2 I think rather than hanging on the wall perhaps its a table oil server and it lays on the table to pass around for salad oil. Who knows.
    #3 A bowl and I’d put $3 on it or check and see what the other ones are selling for and price it the same or nearly the same.
    A friend of mine told me her secret to having a successful yard sale is “Price it to sell or price it to keep.”
    Love your blogging BTW.

  34. Barbara Firesheets

    #1 is a toothpick dispenser. I have the one my grandmother had in her kitchen for years. I don’t use it, but just love seeing it on the shelf. It makes me smile.

    #2 is the glass part of a weather barometer. Some are mounted on wooden wall plaques and I’ve seen one on a metal stand.

    Don’t know anything about the bowl.

  35. The glass thing is a barometer. If you google glass barometer you’ll find information on various types and how they work.

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