What’s That? The ANSWERS

I started writing this and somehow it published before I could complete it…and a day before it was supposed to.  It’s complete now.

In a previous post I asked blog readers if they knew what some of the vintage items I’ve were.  We had fun reading through some of your guesses.  Some were funny…Some were right.  I thought I’d tell you what my Betsy who is good at antiques and pricing said.

First item up…this…

This is a toothpick holder.

Toothpicks go in this bottom area.

You close it like this and the prongs in the beak of the bird will pick up a toothpick.

It’s so cute….Betsy said it was in popular colors so thought it would likely sell for about $13.  I bought an entire flat of salt and pepper shakers and this was in it so good deal for me.

The second item I showed you was this….

We had fun guessing…we really came up with no solid evidence of anything.  Kramer said a bong for smoking dope.  I rolled my eyes at that.  Betsy and I both wondered about it being a holder for starting plants.

We thought we could put water in the bottom and an ivy stem could go inside, touch the water and be encouraged to root.

You all reminded my that it was a barometer.  Of course it is.  I remember seeing them when I was a kid.  Now that I know what it is, I want to keep this!!  I have to clean it and find a place for it though.  I’ve had great suggestions on cleaning it but no time to do it.  Soon I hope.  Thanks for all the suggestions.

They have some neat ones on Amazon….HEREHere is a little piece you can read about them if you want to know more.

Now about my bowl…obviously it was a bowl but what price?

I answered some questions Betsy had…

Took pictures of the measurements…
Took a picture of the bottom of the bowl.

Betsy questioned this dot…

..and this wear mark in the inside.

The conclusion was that she thought this would sell for $55.

Pricing and guessing is one of the things I’m not very good at in the antiquing business.  I am great at finding things.  I’m great at getting a decent deal.  I’m terrible at pricing…sadly, Kramer isn’t much better so we often call on the help of Betsy.  She’s the best.

16 thoughts on “What’s That? The ANSWERS”

  1. Water-based barometers

    Goethe’s device
    The concept that decreasing atmospheric pressure predicts stormy weather, postulated by Lucien Vidi, provides the theoretical basis for a weather prediction device called a “weather glass” or a “Goethe barometer” (named for Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, the renowned German writer and polymath who developed a simple but effective weather ball barometer using the principles developed by Torricelli). The French name, le baromètre (from Wikipedia)

  2. I googled “antique glass barometer” using their image search and found some pictures of bottles exactly like yours. Ebay has one for sale on the wooden wall mount for $59.97. There’s another one without the wall mount for $35. I’m not sure how much you’d be able to sell it for but once you can explain what it is and how it works, it’s more likely that it will sell.

  3. The second glass item is, a barometer, as many guessed. We had one exactly like it. Consider me solid evidence ☺

  4. As mentioned, the glass item is a barometer. You can Google it and see others just like it.

    Interesting toothpick holder. I was stumped, but it makes perfect sense now!

  5. Louverna Tomer

    Look up Watt Pottery Company in Perry County, Ohio, and you can find out all about the bowl. I have a pitcher my Mom used for milk she used in the middle of our kitchen table every morning. These apple pieces come with 2 or 3 leaves. Very collectible here in Southeast Ohio, West Virginia area.

  6. I been wandering thru old blog post looking for what you use on wood items that seems to restore the finish. Thanks for the help

  7. My 90ish parents have one of these barometers. They have had it since I was a teenager (I’m 68 now). It works well. When the weather is bad though, the water will spill over the top so Mom always has a paper towel on the counter below it to catch the drippings.

  8. Arlene the product Jo uses is Howard RF7008 Restor-A-Finish, 8-Ounce, Dark Oak. It comes in different colors. You can order it off Amazon. I wrote it down when she posted it last time since I may need it someday!

  9. Jo, Just bought a copy of the Spring 2019 issue of Primitive Quilts and there you are! (Page 58) I haven’t ever purchased this magazine before but I do know that you love Primitive quilts. I’m not really a fan, but saw some applique that interested me. Way to go–published again! Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone else wants to have the magazine…no quilt, but a couple of paragraphs and that’s more than I’ve ever had! Hope it was a day brightener for you…still praying for all of you! (is there an update on little Gannon? I’m hoping that no news mean he is doing great!)

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