What’s On My Bed Linky Party

Bonnie is having a linky party over on her Quiltville blog asking bloggers to show what is on their bed.  Here’s my bed.


This is Paducah Nine Patch from Pat Speth’s Nickel Quilts….in fact, it is the cover quilt.  I was in bed one night paging through the quilt book telling hubby that it was time for a new quilt on our bed and was thinking about making one of the star quilts in the book.  He looked at the book and said I like this one better.  And so….that’s how I decided to make it.

I love the whole concept of nickel quilts (quilts made from 5″ sqares) and charms  BUT if you are making a whole quilt, that is this size, I would take time to read the pattern through and decide if you can make it with using a regular cutting method.  I was naive and just started in following the directions.  It seemed like a never ending process of cutting.  First I cut all the fabric into 5 ” squares then I had to recut the fabric again.


The quilt is my absolute favorite of all the quilts I have ever made.  I don’t change out my quilts very often.  I could, but I just love this one so much.  I think part of my love of it is that my husband didn’t just say, “Cool” after it was finished…he said, “WOW!”

Go check and see what other blogger have on there beds over at Bonnie’s linky party.

13 thoughts on “What’s On My Bed Linky Party”

  1. I’ve made this quilt and it is FINISHED!!! I used all scraps and like you, was frustrated with the cut 5 inch squares and then cut again. I even have a companion baby one that came from the leftovers which I turned into four patches. I will try to take a pic and get it loaded onto my blog. First picture attempt. . .wish me luck!

  2. Beautiful. I too like quilts from her book, although I’ve not made one YET! I’m collecting my 5″ squares from my scraps. Could take another 5 years of collecting at the rate I’m going! :) :)

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