What’s old is new again!

Our daughter Kalissa was cleaning her closet and came down with a bag of things for Goodwill.  These shoes were in the bag.


I was shocked that she wanted to get rid of them…at one time, these Sketchers were her favorite shoes!  Then she started telling me everything that was wrong with them….and I started feeling like a bad mom….. 

“They looked worn out. 
There were strings showing. 
The Velcro didn’t stick anymore. 
And well…look at them mom!” she said.

Can you believe I hadn’t shown her how to care for her leather shoes?!  I can.  Sometimes as a mom, I just get busy running places that I forget to teach simply life skills.

So we got brown polish…


“Wow…what a difference,” she said.
Then we cleaned the Velcro and clipped the scraggles off.


She was even more impressed.  We did the next shoe and I was really proud of the life skills I was teaching her….patting myself on the back that I was redeeming myself as a good mother… and then we were finished.


Wa-la!  They looked like new. 

That’s when our 14 year daughter said, “That’s nice mom, I still don’t want them anymore.” 

I was about to try to convince her to keep them and explain the cost of leather shoes along with all the Blah, Blah, Blah I usually add when I remembered….WE WEAR THE SAME SIZE SHOES!!!

So, how do you like my new shoes?!

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