What’s Next??

Kelli was home on Monday.  We didn’t have any deadlines…we didn’t have anything we had to do…THAT IS DANGEROUS.  It gets us to thinking…when we get to thinking….we get ourselves into trouble.

So many of you have been wondering if we’re going to write another book…honestly, we don’t know.  But we did spend some time contemplating it.


Ruby even tried to help!


You’d think we’d just be ready to jump in but circumstances have changed for both of us…and our publisher has changed too.  It’s always scary to head out on a new venture.

Many of you likely don’t know but back in January we were told our book was being printed and would be released and we would get our shipments by the end of the next week.  We were excited and anxiously waiting.  We had all sorts of plans.  Kelli was coming home.  We were going to have champagne.  We were going to surprise those of you who pre-ordered with a book in your mailbox several days early.  We were on cloud nine.  Tuesday of that week rolled around and we were sent an email telling us that Kansas City Star, our publisher, was closing their quilt book division.  WHAT?? What did that mean?  What was happening with our book?  We no longer wanted to celebrate.  We wanted to cry instead.  Here one of the biggest days in our life was just dead on arrival.

Both of us were absolutely sick.  We were told very little.  We asked as many questions as we could but got very few answers…then we were told tell no one.

Ah…we felt awful.  All this work that we did was likely going to be for naught.  There was rumor that someone might buy out a few of the top authors who were proven.  Well we are new authors and certainly not a top author and certainly not proven.

So many things had been promised to us…We were to be the feature book at Quilt Con and Quilt Market in the Kansas City Star booth.  We were going to get a blog hop and several other promo events…now nothing.  You might remember Kelli and I saying we were going to Quilt Market this year as we’d have our book there and it was so close….well nothing.  Those plans were all shot.

Kelli and I made a decision to talk to C&T Publishing.  We had done a project for them under the Sweet Celebrations Moda collaboration book and have a collaboration book coming out with them this fall.  We thought maybe they would pick us up.  That didn’t mean they’d take our book too.  UGH.  We know so little about it all of the publishing business.  We didn’t know what to do.

After contacting them we were hopeful…but there was a long wait.  We tried to plan and organize events on our own to promote the book-but honestly we felt like the book was dead on arrival.  What was the use of having a book published if there was no one to promote it and get it out into the stores for us.  WHAT A BUMMER!!

We waited and waited and waited until a couple weeks ago we heard that C&T will be taking us and our book.  They are hoping to do a “relaunch” of sorts.  They were very encouraging of us to submit another book proposal and to continue to be patient while they put the last pieces in place to take over our book and the books of several other Kansas City Star authors.

We are hesitant.  We really didn’t reap many rewards through our first book…Do we really want to go through all that work again when there’s no certainty in the end?

I have to say we did talk directly to one of the owners.  He was a wonderful man and very considerate of our situation.  He made us feel a little hopeful again…so we’re still trying to decide what we should do…  Is there time in our busy schedule to put a book together??  Do we want to put ourselves out there again?

So we spent a few hours on Monday pulling designs and organizing, weighing the pros and cons.  So for now, we really don’t know exactly what’s next but we do know if we do decide to submit something it will be with C&T Publishing.  Kelli and I are so happy to have landed there.  C&T is a great company that publishes great books.  We have worked with them a bit in the past and only have good things to say about them…so there is a little hope there.

Stay tuned…we’ll let you know when we know more.

14 thoughts on “What’s Next??”

  1. That’s got to be incredibly frustrating after all of your hard work! No rush on another book, although I’m sure it’ll be wonderful. It’ll take us all a while to get the quilts in your first book stitched! :) Hoping it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out!

  2. Wow! I had no idea that you guys went through all that. I wish you the best with future publications! You’ve paid your dues…hopefully the rest will be easier!

  3. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your book and I hope it gets the “push” it deserves! And I certainly hope to see more books from you two in the future. Such talent should not go to waste :*)

  4. from what i remember, this is not the first time that C&T publishing has picked up the books and authors of other publishers who have gone out of the publishing business.
    That should give you more confidence that they too have been down this road before, and are acquainted with the associated bumps and bruises.
    As for the next book, I think i would give it some time for the dust to settle before setting forth again.
    In working with a new publisher, they will have different ways of doing things, so it might be better to let them take the lead on this rather than starting in on your own and then later have to start again.
    Suffice to say, the news you have now is good so take comfort in that and trust the hands that hold you to do what is best in this situation.

  5. that would be so frustrating – I think, if I were in your shoes, I would just self-publish individual patterns instead. I think you have a good enough following that you should do well with that! :)

  6. Deborah DeBerry

    Please carry on with your plans with CT. I know Bonnie Hunter and Micki Dupre went through the same scary time frame. I am most anxious to see your new book, as the last one was and is excellent. We wait for your decision anxiously.

  7. oh jo, that had to be so heartbreaking for both of you! but on the upside, you now have an established publisher who wants to take you, your book and any future books—that shows faith in your abilities. you and kelli just have such a great relationship and it really does shows in your quilts. you work well together, you balance each other, you like sewing different parts—you just are a great team! you have amazing talent, it would be a huge loss to let it go to waste. i for one, hope you do another book at some point. you guys are just amazing and my favorite blog!

  8. Oh geez, what a big hot mess that seems to be. But I’m sure C&T will be a good fit. I’m with the others, let the dust settle a bit and hit the road running again. You and Kelli do fabulous work and are so talented.

  9. Oh dear ladies that is a dilemma! I hope it all comes together for you…your book is fabulous and it would be great to get it out there to the masses. Pleeeeease consider another book carefully…you patterns are amazing! I for one would buy another book in an instant xxxx

  10. YEP! I want on the pre-order list for book number 2! LOL! I know that this has been a bumpy road for both of you, but I know my friends are now on the Jo and Kelli bandwagon! Hang in there, it certainly looks like you have plenty of choices for book 2. . . :) Can’t wait to see you in 2 months!

  11. I’m at the BEA conference in NYC this week and spoke with the rep from C&T Publishing/Stash Books. They are very excited about having acquired Kansas Star’s quilt division and look forward to working with you! I”m excited too – they have a wonderful catalog of books and yours will be a great addition. They are very nice folks, too!

  12. You and Bonnie Hunter have both mentioned the KC Star change. There’s nothing (that I could find) on either the KC Star/Pickledish website or the C&T website. (I don’t doubt either of you, but it’s interesting that there’s no statement or anything.)

  13. Eleanor K Hunzinger

    I have only became aware of you recently because I subscribde to Jo’s blog. What is the title of your first book and is it still available. I just sent you an email last night inquiring about your Pfferferneuse quilt because I love it. You have talked so much about Bonnie Hunter, I thought it might be bher design. I wanted the ? Pattern, books, tools or whatever you used to make it. I really love the quilt and still make it. I’ll buy the book, pattern, or whatever to be able make it. So sorry abought you current situation. C &T should be a good company to deal with. They publish great books. Don’t give up. Please reply about the Pfferferneuse quilt. THANKS!

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