What’s New with Puppycat?

A post from Kelli–

Ever since I got Puppycat, I said I was going to get her fixed.  Then something would happen or break and for some reason I wouldn’t take her in to do it.  I once even called into the vet office to schedule an appointment, but they only did spays on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays and you had to have them there between 8 and 9 in the morning and they had to stay overnight and you had to pick them up at 8 the next morning and they told you that someone needed to be with them the day after the surgery.  At that time, I didn’t have a schedule that would allow that and so I put it off again.  And to make it even better, every time that I would mention it to Jason, he would hold her up and inform me that “She’s not broken, she’s just perfect!”

A few weeks ago, Puppycat and Ruby ran away from Mom and Dad’s and we couldn’t find them.  Eventually they came back, but two days later, Puppy was in heat.  This got me quite worried because they were gone so long and the last thing that I need to add to my life is a litter of puppies.  I didn’t think that there were any boy dogs around in their area, but then Dad said that a few dogs would come around the day or so after she was there, so I’m assuming there were dogs around I didn’t know about.  He then informed me that she needed to be fixed, which I knew all along, but the tone in his voice informed me that it needed to be done now.  By this time also, I had found a different vet that had much more availability and since I have been laid off, it fit better into my schedule.  This vet is the one that has taken care of Ruby during all of her surgeries, so I knew that she would be in good hands!  (Plus Jason’s aunt and cousin work there, so I knew they would keep an eye out for her).

I called and scheduled the appointment for yesterday and nervously awaited the day.

I took her to the vet in the morning and dropped her off.  I didn’t cry or anything crazy like that, but since I tend to worry about everything under the sun, I was just worried that she wouldn’t handle the anesthesia well or that they would open her up and find cancer or something crazy like that.  I purposely planned some stuff for me to do during the day to keep my mind off of her, so as soon as I got home, I headed to my shed which I have recently turned into my little chalk painting studio (more on that later).  I put a second coat on a few pieces and got some waxing done.  When I took a break for lunch, Jason’s aunt had texted me to tell me that everything had gone well and she would be ready to be picked up at about 4.  I finished some waxing quick, ran in to take a shower, and went to get her.

When I got to the vet office, I could tell that she was a bit sore, but there was another dog in the office, so she definitely wanted to check it out.

Once we got home, things were a bit different.  She’s not supposed to jump or get too crazy, so I had to pick her up and put her on the couch.  I found out pretty quickly that a few ways would not work, but we did find one way to transport her.

This morning, she was sore, but she is definitely doing much better.  We got some pain pills to take home and they definitely helped.

Puppy 1--FinalWe’ve been taking it pretty easy today.  She isn’t supposed to be jumping on her own, but when I peeked my head in from the kitchen this morning to tell her that Jason was here to bring me the lawn mower, she jumped up and jumped off of the armrest on the couch, so I’m hoping that is a good sign that she is on the mend and back to being her old self.



7 thoughts on “What’s New with Puppycat?”

  1. I was TOTALLY expecting you to announce you were going to be a grandma after reading your first sentence! :) Glad she is doing well and won’t be able to provide you with any “surprises” in the future! :)

  2. I have never allowed any of my dogs to breed. Its not such a hard decision but it always always makes me sad. I LOVE puppies so much and that’s the problem..I’d want to keep them all. =) Saying little puppy prayers for PuppyCat =)

  3. I took Moxie in to be fixed a couple weeks ago and was very nervous since she has some special needs. The vet’s office called me right in the middle of the surgery and began the conversation with “ummmm”. I really think they should blurt out “your dog is okay but…” In our case when they got inside, the parts were missing and there were some other oddities. They called to ask if she could somehow have been fixed before. She’s only 8 months old and been with my friend or me the whole time so no. Glad Puppycat’s procedure went well and she’s on the mend. Also glad you have to wait a little longer to be a grandma.

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