What’s New at Our House…A PUPPY!!

Oh my oh my….things here are always interesting and Thursday was especially interesting.  We got a puppy.  Well, we didn’t actually get a puppy.  We’re fostering a puppy.


This is Polly.

She was so good on the car ride home.

She is an Akita and Border Collie mix.




Anyone interested in adopting her can check out the Northeast Iowa Humane Society.  We will also be taking her to the adoption event Sunday at Good Dog Center and Pampered Pooch from 11-1. They are located at 1014 S Mill St., #6, Decorah, Iowa.  Come see her and the many other puppies up for adoption.

All the humans here at the house love her…Ruby doesn’t like her yet.

With her being so beautifully colored, a female, and completely adorable, I don’t expect that we’ll have her for long.  We’ll have her for at least a week as she has to be eight weeks old before she can be adopted…right now she’s just 7 weeks.

I am getting my puppy fix.  In the last hours since she has been here, I have laughed and laughed and laughed.

We’re doing all we can to get her ready for her new family.  So far no accidents….today we start on a little leash training too.  You can bet this sweet little girl is keeping me very busy…

5 thoughts on “What’s New at Our House…A PUPPY!!”

  1. Have fun with the pup! We have an Akita mix and he was a handful as puppy but is a great gentle older dude now. He ate a baseball glove once, we only found the leather threading.

  2. If you have her any longer, her new people will so appreciate it if you do some dominance training with her. All dogs, no matter their breed or size, need to know that the humans(even small children and babies) in the house are in charge not the dogs,

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