What’s a mother to do…

After years and years of trying to persuade my youngest daughter, Kalissa,  to sew….I’ve had no luck.  I tried to teach her….I tried sending her to classes and have someone else teacher her.  No luck.  Granted she is only fifteen and I have time to convert her…but still….a mother has to try.   My oldest daughter quilts a lot.  My second daughter sews regularly but prefers knitting…my youngest Kalissa, well…she prefers a guitar.

Then Kalissa took fabrics class at school.  Then I bought some zebra print fabric…now, I am afraid I created a monster.


You know it’s a bad sign when she says…”Mom, I think sewing is so relaxing.”  She swears she isn’t going to sew quilts.  She swears that sewing clothes is going to be her thing.  At this point, I am thinking oh no…can my sewing budget support two people in the house sewing?!!

I should be careful of what I wish for!

5 thoughts on “What’s a mother to do…”

  1. Hooray for daughters that love to sew…only 1 of my 3 love it like I do. The other 2 want me to do it for them. :) She looks very cute in front of the serger.

  2. I didn’t think I’d end up a quilter either – and told my mom so. 20 years later we compare stashes and have even taken classes together! I’m sure your sewing budget will cover it – and you’ll both create some great memories!

  3. My daughter wasn’t interested in high school either but did sewing projects in 4-H. Then she went to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago for her BFA. One week in and it became all about fashion design. She was one of the few that knew how to sew. A big bonus!!

  4. Don’t despair. I came from a clothing sewing background (started in junior high school home ec) and now I quilt. The attractions are just about the same. But I do pity your budget — it takes more than fat quarters to make pants or a skirt! Cool that she’s using a serger already!

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