Whatever Wednesday

I finished this piece in time for the  Market at White Barns that was last weekend but only now am getting to show this to you.

I bought the dresser at the thrift store.  The dresser was painted WHITE.  You can’t tell from the picture but it was a bright white.  I think lots of people want to try a new look with old pieces but then paint them only to find they don’t like the look.

I think they want the “look” but don’t know there are more steps to getting that look than just a coat of paint….other things happen like dripped paint that dried.  Things like dripped paint are no big deal at all of you’re chalk painting…simple sand out the drips…and that exactly what it did.

Here is all sanded.  I try really hard to accentuate the lines and details of the piece.  When other simply paint with the white paint only, the beautiful details of the piece get lost.  I want them to shine and be noticed…and how do I do that?  SAND with a sander.  

and then wax.

I clear wax fist and then do a dark wax.  Clear wax goes on absolutely everything…Dark wax I only use in places that I to accentuate….

…Like the cool legs…See?

Drawer pulls.  I love these!!

Any lines or curves of the piece I like to wax.

Once dry…(typically 48 hours is what I wait) then I sand again with SUPER fine sandpaper, 600 paper.

I priced this one low as I hate dragging around furniture…besides, I like to give people a good deal too.

I don’t know what I’ll be working on next week. Now that the sale has ended I don’t know if I’ll be in the garage…or back to the sewing room.

11 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday”

  1. You work magic with each piece you revive! A couple of questions, though…
    Did you repaint it with chalk paint, or did you just wax over whatever kind of paint was on there? Does sanding remove the wax? No sealer? How does the piece stand up over time, i.e. does it need to be rewaxed eventually?

  2. Jo, what is the piece of furniture next to the dresser in the first picture? From what I can see (just the bottom corner of it), it looks like a piece of furniture that I have (an old oak locker that I use as a coat closet).

  3. Wow, I love what you did to the chest of drawers! A terrific improvement! You have a real eye for picking out pieces and making an improvement on them.

  4. Jo, this dresser is exactly what I have been searching for for about 6 months so far! If I was going up to Iowa I would seriously buy it now and pick up either on the way to or from my visit to my home state of Iowa. Oh well such is luck. But you did give me some ideas on how to make good use out of a dresser I might get lucky in finding. How would I go about painting a brown piece white then using clear wax and then dark wax. Is there a blog that you have gotten information from or just trial and error? Thanks so much for your wonderful blog and sharing all your adventures with us all

  5. Love your ideas Jo! Can I ask about the wax you mention? What kind of wax? Car wax, or something made for furniture? Is there a particular brand you use? Would this type of sanded paint and waxed finish hold up for a bathroom vanity? I am intrigued since we are remodeling a bathroom. Thanks for all you share!

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