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Yesterday I told you about my fun extra busy weekend.  I’ve been having lots of those lately but have been loving it.  On my trip to Nashua garage sales I got this table.

I showed you a sneak peak of it and blog reader Donna asked if it was linoleum on the tops.  No…the pattern is stenciled on it with paint.

Kalissa and Hubby are gearing up for the big Market at White Barns.  Hubby and Kalissa both need more stuff.  The show is great and to keep it great vendors need to have products to sell…so, I thought this little table might be something that could be fixed up and sold.

Structurally the table is awesome.  It sits square. The size is nice.  Those decorating the Vintage Farmhouse style would likely love it.  The price was okay….the problem, it looked like someone tried to chalk paint but it needed more.

…and these big scratches were across the top….Hmm.  What to do?

In order to make any money on the table by reselling it, the amount of time I took to “fix” it needed to be minimal…so rather than “fix” those scratches I decided to take the opposite approach and accentuate them.  I pulled out the hand sander and I started sanding the top some more.

It went from this….

To this…See the edges.  I even sanded more.  By sanding off more of the design on top, I got to the dark paint.  Now it looks more like I purposely put the scratches on top as there are dark accents everywhere.  It definitely has a worn and loved look.

The sides looked a bit rough…..But…not rough enough.  The sides need to match the top.  As is, the top was mellow and the sides had too deep of a tone color and not enough dark paint was showing through.

More sanding and they looked like this.  I did the bottom shelf and legs too.  See the difference in the bottom shelf, the sides and the legs.  It needed this in order to match the top.

After the sanding work I cleaned it off and put a coat of Annie Sloan clear wax and then dark wax on.

This is it finished.  I am well aware that some of you are saying “Oh cool”….and others are saying “YUCK”.  If you’re a Vintage Farmhouse lover, I sure hope you like it.  For me, it’s not the style of my house at all…but, I like it and I think I’ll find a buyer.

Notice how those scratches on the top don’t stand out as much now?

One time a blog reader told me that they didn’t think I should tell what I paid for things if I plan to resell them-People might know my profit margin.  I personally think that with pieces like this that are more one of kind it’s not a big deal.  Besides…I need some help pricing it.  I’m hoping you can help with that.  I paid $22 for the table.  I worked on it about 2 hours.  I used supplies that I already had but I will need to replace them at some point.  We have to pay a fee for the space at the show.

With the table as is…with my costs and time and expenses considered a bit too…please tell me how to price the table…I’d love some good input.  My family has put in a few comments but I’ll wait and share those later.

I bought a couple other small furniture pieces that need work so look for a project next week that comes from the garage too…and don’t forget, leave a comment on how you think I should price my little table.

11 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday”

  1. I really like the table size and shape and I would pay 50 bucks for it. When I got it home it would get painted to go on my enclosed deck with my patio furniture. Vintage chic is my porch style. Its such a well made piece, sturdy. Hope it finds a good home.

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  3. I would put $75 on it and if someone wants to haggle you have some wiggle room. But to pay yourself-no less than $60. Around my area you could price it for $100 and get it. Shabby chic is still in but like you just not in my house LOL.

  4. You may have a better idea of what prices should be in your area, and for that particular show. However if you bought it for $22.00 + 2 hours of work at $20.00 per hour = $62.00 + cost of supplies — I would go for $95-$100 and then if people ask for a better price you can go down to $85 or $90. The round shape is unique, and the lower shelf adds additional storage, so I think that justifies the higher price. On e-bay there are 2 shelf round coffee tables ranging from $300 to $500.

  5. Your site is so difficult and distracting to try to read through because of ALL THE ADS. So frustrating.

  6. To Judy S. Just tap the little x on the add & it will go away…..Those adds help pay for the blog……D.M.

  7. Judy S…maybe you should move on. The ads help her.
    I don’t understand why something has to be said and in caps…it’s a little rude.
    Sorry Jo but I just wanted to stick up for you. You are welcome to delete my comment if I’ve crossed the line. Thanks for taking the time to blog. I enjoy your site. Good luck at the market.

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