Whatever Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again….that means “Whatever on Wednesday”.  Today I’m talking about my sewing room.  It’s still not together but some progress did happen.  It doesn’t look like much but with the amount of spare time I’ve had lately, I’m actually happy with the progress.  I ended up swapping out the ice box and the piece I use as my cutting table.

I previously had my TV on the shelf to my left but it was completely the WRONG place to have it as I could never watch TV with it there.  Not I’ll have a head on look at the TV.

Can you believe I moved these pieces myself?  I got tired of waiting for the stars to align and decided this was the day it was going happen and did it.  Sometimes a girl has to quit waiting around for the men and just do it.

I’m not sure what of the sewing room stuff is moving around yet…I know the furniture is staying…that’s about all I know. I, for the most part, won’t go out and buy any shelving…I want antiques and I can’t easily find something the exact size… Being I insist on antiques I have to work with what I find. This makes the hunt all the more sweet.

Part of me is a little frustrated that I don’t have this done.  But all in all, I think this slow process of it all is actually good.  I’ve had time to REALLY think about what I want to keep…what will go.  I do know that I’ll be having an on line auction again.  I’ve really tried to think through what I truly love.

I did get a note from a blog reader, Carol.  Here is what she wrote:
Hi, I do computerized floor plans for clients. I normally charge $75 for the plan. I am 70 yr old semiretired interior designer turned quilter. 

It would entail room measurements to the inch for each wall. Measurements of all your furniture. What you want to keep and what can go. Pictures of each wall and area. Location of windows and doors. 

I recently did a room for another quilter. My designer eye can see where to move the furniture. She purchased ikea billy bookcases and the rest was moved around the room. Let me know if you would like to do this.”

I was tempted -and thought Carol would be perfect for this-but then decided that I was too lazy.  I didn’t want to measure everything…and most all of my pieces are antiques and I want them to stay….I care more about the furniture than I do the other stuff.  Crazy I know….and I need my African Violets to stay in the windows.  I would simply be too difficult to work with!!

I do have Carol’s email….stearnsdec@cox.com if anyone would like Carol to give your sewing room layout and storage a whirl.

I am hoping to slowly keep working on the sewing room. I am determined to get it just how I want it.

10 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday”

  1. My sewing room is so small (think small bathroom size) that there is only one place possible for each item. I even have to move the ironing board to get to the whole design wall.

  2. Chris Jensen

    My husband is building a new sewing space for me. I also have antique pieces and yes, they will stay in the new room. Our rooms won’t be cookie cutter, but unique to our personality :)

  3. My sewing space is small and since the TV can only go on one wall, it makes my options limited. I do have a set of metal shelves and I love that they are on rollers. I want my space to make me happy to go there and you should do what makes you happy with your space.

  4. Thanks for the plug Jo! My room is small as well, a 10 by 12 bedroom with a sliding glass door. I placed my machine table in front of the door to benefit from the light. I dont have a TV in my room, no space I guess. Or just dont want one. I took my closet doors off so I had full access to the shelving in there.

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  6. I recently rearranged my sewing room and have some antiques. My large fitted ironing board sets on an old wooden ironing board and that is anchored by two wooden file cabinets. Right height, space in between for more storage. I have an old card catalog cabinet for my fat quarters and a harbor freight tool bench for my embroidery machine and two designated tables for my featherweight and big sewing machine and a modern cutting table. I have two towers of drawers and it’s working out quite efficiently. When my room is organized I’m more creative!!!!

  7. I must get everything out and put it away each time, as we have a tiny home. Underbef storage boxes and shelved in the entertainment center hold everything. Ugh. Yours looks beautiful.
    -Jean <3

  8. Can you put shelves inside your widow casings, especially glass shelves?
    I don’t usually watch TV while sewing more of listening and a glancing but since now there are the DVD s that you can get to show techniques etc I guess you do need the TV where you can really see it.

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