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About a month ago I was driving home from visiting Kayla.  There’s a tiny little town called Lamont that has a little antique shop.  Well Kalissa was with me and we stopped.  I ended up spending $38 for this shelf.  I’ve been needing something for childcare toys.  I’ve not liked what I had.  I wanted something antique/old looking.  This, I thought, would be perfect.

I did have a few things I didn’t love.  She the white smudges on the center of the shelves?

Check out the photo below….Paint drips.

So time to fix it up….I wanted an old worn look so decided a razor blade might do the trick on paint removal.  I didn’t want to lose the finish on the wood so no chemical removers.

After the razor treatment it looked like this…
I had to gouge it a little to get the paint off but was confident it would all work out.

I used Old English Scratch Cover for Dark Wood to doctor it up.  Hubby and I love the stuff.

Old English Scratch Cover For Dark Woods Polish 8 oz

There were several other spots that needed attention so I worked on them as well

…and here’s my shelf.  I love it.  I can handle toys out in the open but I do like a proper storage place.  This shelf was perfect.  I hope at some point I’ll be able to find something else that’s similar.  Notice there are no white spots on the center of the shelves…no paint spots.  PERFECT for me!

Most of the dings have been cover and it’s all ready for more dings as I’m sure the childcare kiddos will give them to it.

Yesterday I took my antique medicine cabinet to the auto glass center.  I’m hoping they can work some magic on it.  I can’t wait!!

7 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday”

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  2. The shelf turned out great and I cant wait to see the medicine cabinet with its glass back in place. I spent the past few days cleaning up our flower beds and planting some items in the flower pots. Its late spring here and we are picking strawberries, I hope to go get some and make a few jars of jam.

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  4. Jo, your shelf looks great! We love that Olde English scratch cover too. I’ve used it on kitchen cabinets to spruce them up also.

  5. Carolyn in Texas

    Your being so organized is setting such a wonderful example for the kiddos around you. Congratulations for a job well done!

  6. Jo – The shelf looks great, hope it stays that organized for you.
    Just wondering if you have ever used a heat gun to remove paint/varnish from items?

  7. Of the 18 quilts I want finished by mid June, only 7 are completely done, but 2 more are mostly done, they only need bindings, and I finished a baby quilt top that I actually followed a pattern for. I need to make a run to get more batting so I can sew some more together. I have 2 other tops and backings ready and waiting for batting, plus all the strip sets and backings that I am doing in the quilt as you go method. Those don’t take too long. Still, I’m getting a little worried lol

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