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Let me say…I am LOVING the change from UFO Wednesdays to Whatever Wednesdays.  It’s allowed me to do some cross stitch.  At times before I would go sew on a UFO just so I had something to blog about.  Now I can do “Whatever” for “Wednesday”.  Oh it’s been great.  It’s opened up lots of freedom for me and I’m loving it!

Last week I finished this…

It’s a Lizzie Kate pattern that is part of this pack.  I already stitched the larger piece.

With that done I moved on to this…This was especially meaningful to me last week.

As you can see that one got finished so I’m moving on… Time for the old project thread to be put away and new thread to come out.  I use and LOVE  Floss-A-Way Organizer bags.  I have tried every way to organize thread and NEVER have I liked any of the methods.  This I truly love.  It’s so easy.  It doesn’t spill and it’s not super expensive.  I will never even look for an alternate way of storing thread.

I put the first few stitches into my next project.

I am doing the companion project to this…  The one on the right that says “Have Faith”….

I picked this one out last week too.  I think I’ll go and stitch the “Be the Rainbow in someone else’s cloud” when this one is done…but I’m not sure.  After I heard that Lizzie Kate was retiring, I put in an order and got a few (lots actually) things….

It’s kind of funny as yesterday I got a picture from Kelli….

She picked up her cross stitch again too! She’s working on a Lizzy Kate too…this one.

I want to do this too.  There are SO MANY I want to do!!

Find me here tomorrow and be sure to check my Instagram today….grand baby pictures are sure to be found there as today is my grandma day!!!

18 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday”

  1. Lynne Nicholson UK

    Due to sightloss (I’m legally blind) I can no longer cross stitch from charts, however as I already know quite a few embroidery stitches I could improv stitch I guess as seeing your work makes me do some hand stitching.

  2. I gave cross stitch a try many years ago with some friends but it never caught fire with me. I love your organizer system, that does look useful.

  3. I have been wanting to do some cross stitch for a few months and love your work and these sayings! May have to go look thru my cross stitch supplies..I did buy a peacock cross stitch kit not too long ago, maybe that?? It there a easy way to start on linen/small weave fabric? I usually use Aida cloth, but would love to try that!! Maybe that could be another blog?

  4. Heather Beadle

    I love your cross stitch projects and your thread organizer! Cross stitching was the first craft I learned way back in my college days. Lol I haven’t cross stitched for years, but seeing yours makes me think I should find a project to do. I’ve only used Aida cloth so wondering if the linen/small weave fabric is more difficult and where do you buy yours? Also, where do you order your Lizzie and Kate patterns? Thanks so much!

  5. I haven’t done cross stitch in over 20 years but those patterns you’ve been featuring have me thinking about it again. I still have all my stuff so I just need to figure out what method to use to help my aging eyes. :)

  6. I love to cross stitch and have a project that I am working on although it has been a while since I stitched on it. I may have to pick it back up!

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  8. I do cross stitch on a regular basis but yours looks like small blocks. I can’t do the small fabric anymore.

  9. I used to cross stitch quite a bit. I love your stitch work and it makes me think I need to get back to it. I have a ton of thread stashed somewhere. Happy stitching!

  10. I’m sad to hear that the designer of Lizzie Kate is retiring. There have been a lot of great projects over the years that I’ve enjoyed working on. Thank you for sharing your projects. I find cross stitching to be relaxing and creative. Keep stitching!

  11. I like to cross-stitch, but I prefer the stamped-transfer type rather than the counted type. I have lots of older patterns that I like to use.

    Jo, I thought of your when posting my link above–I know you like polka dots.

  12. I love the look of cross stitch and did it 30 years ago. But I enjoy sewing more and am doing a little embroidery when I want hand work. I actually took an embroidery refresher class last week. On my project you color the picture first with crayons and then embroider around the objects. Something fun and different. I love reading your blog and I’m glad that you are “embracing the journey.”

  13. Loved, loved cross stitch. Due to failing eyesight have had to put it aside. Enjoy yours Jo, it all looks so good. Lizzie Kate has some really cute patterns.

  14. I cross-stitched until quilting and aging eyes took over. I “paid” my daughter to finish a couple of projects for me by buying her a kit she wanted. I never worked on linen and any hints/tips to how that is done would be interesting to me. The fabric isn’t printed, right?

  15. I do so love to cross stitch. Before bifocals, I had to take up quilting because I couldn’t see well enough to enjoy doing it. Now I have bifocals and a Dublin magnifying lamp and it’s fun again. I am in the middle of a move and just got most of the quilt stuff packed and some of the cross stitch so am not working on anything. But I do have my project bag with 3 projects just in case. I have used some sort of bag system for the almost 40 years I have cross stitched and it is the cheapest, easiest way to go. Sad to hear about Lizzie Kate retiring but the happy news is there are still many wonderful designers out there. I have ordered from Stitchin’ Bits and Bobs, Needle in a Haystack, Welcome Stitchery, ABC Stitch Therapy, 123Stitch and a some others I can’t think of off hand. I have been pleased with all of them. There are videos of how to stitch on linen and Mary Corbett’s Needle & Thread is a good resource for regular embroidery and speciality stitches. Vision problems? Magnifying lamp and/or larger count fabric. There are ways around many issues. I facilitate an open stitch night at the local library and teach occasional classes so please pardon my enthusiasm.

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