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If I go to auctions…I sometimes end up with troubles.  Some auctioneers take one thing, can’t get a bid on it and group it with other things and then if I bid on it, I get it all-even the pieces I didn’t want.  That’s happened to me a few times.  Another auction company around here purposely groups things together and in order to get one thing, I have to take them all.  That has left me with lots of furniture in my garage.

I’ve slowly been working on getting rid of some of it.  I ended up posting this coffee table on a Facebook for sale group.

I had a buyer quickly and as we talked to make arrangements for pickup she mentioned that she repainted things and was looking for furniture.  Hmm, I thought, have I got a deal for you.  After talking with her for a bit she asked if she could bring a friend and “shop my garage”.  Well I knew that Kalissa had some stuff too so told the lady about Kalissa too.

Then I started to write a message to Kalissa and tell her the lady was coming.  As I was writing a message popped up from her.  She was making the same arrangements with a guy from another town.  He was coming to look at her stuff and then coming to my house.

I ended up pulling out all my nicely stacked pieces… now the garage looks like this while we wait for them to show up.

Oh my.

My stash of furniture has gotten pretty large.  One thing I’ve learned is that I do better with buying cheap.  Fixing things to make them sturdy but not repainting them.  For example…I bought this dresser for $10 on an auction.  The top was bad.  The veneer was pulling away.  I ended up working on the top but it was too big of a job.  I took it to Craig and he planed it down for me.  Now if I sell it for $35, it’s ready for someone to bring back to life.   I’ve had good luck selling these pieces in this condition.  I put very little work into it.  The person who buys it will need to paint or refinish it.  If they keep it, they got a pretty cheap dresser.  If they sell it, they can try to get the $110 or more it.  I love this better than finishing the pieces.  It appears I’m becoming the middle man.  Right now, two people have asked me about buying the dresser.

Some of these I will end up painting…but most will likely go without me painting.  Kalissa is having a garage sale coming up….some will go on that sale.

Furniture has been flying in and out of here.

One day last week we bought two sets of lockers on a Facebook group.  We paid the asking price.

We came home, took some pictures, wrote a nice complete description with measurements and detailed pictures.  We posted them to a few antique and vintage for sale groups and sold both sets in twelve hours.  We mad a nice profit on those.

I bought this pretty hutch a the thrift store.  I got it at a reasonable price.  I loaded it into the back of the pickup and drove home.  I went into the house to get Hubby when I got home.  I wanted to see what he thought of the hutch.  I got out and realized his tool box in the back of the truck slid over and shattered the glass one of the side panels.  I’ll admit to crying about that.  The next day we ordered glass for it.  I was sure there would be no profit on this piece but there was.

We ended up making $50 on it.  I was shocked.  The replacement glass was only $8.75.  Thank heavens Hubby is able to fix these things.

Hubby and I have both been having so much fun with our buying and selling.  I hope we continue to have the good luck we’ve been having.  It’s kind of fun but mostly I enjoy hanging out with Hubby and having something in common.

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  1. I think it’s great that you and your hubby work together on these projects of buying and selling Antiques and other vintage items. It is so much more fun when someone else’s involved that you care about than going about a project like this on your own.

  2. Jo, in a past post you mentioned a Quilt along for your Double Wedding Quilt that was in the June 2018 pub of American Patchwork and Quilting…is this still in the works?? I purchased the magazine and have been trying out some sample blocks and feel like it would be something I would participate in…any thoughts? Thanks.

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