Whatever Wednesday

Yahoo…My Bricks in the Barnyard center is complete.  I’m so happy.

After I got it together I did a little head scratching.  Hmm…it looked different.  I knew I made mine larger but I didn’t think that would change it.  Hmm.  I pulled out my book.  This is what the original looked like….

I had to look at it a couple times.  Darn.  Mine has white in the center and the original has dark.  Darn.  Ah…does it really matter?  I think I like dark in the center better but I like done better than ripping out so…there you have it.  The center of my quilt is together and that’s how it’s going to stay.  I don’t care.

I started the borders but that will be slow go.  I made Bonnie Hunter’s Texas Braid quilt and know that braids aren’t a speedy process.

Dare I hope that I’ll have sewing progress to share next week. I sure hope so.

…and inquiring minds want to know…would you rip the quilt top apart so there was dark in the center or move on like I am?

28 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday”

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  2. I like the center in the lighter colors :) and then I remember Jinny Beyer when commenting on her WINNING quilt, in hindsight she thought the white centers in her stars made it look like there was a hole. Obviously the judges didn’t see it that way! LOL I wouldn’t change a thing on your quilt.

  3. You made it bigger than the original and so having a light center is perfect if you like it. I really enjoyed making the braided border and I hope to use it again on other quilts. Glad you got some sewing time in this week.

  4. Yours is great! With the white center the darker bands catch the eye more. Move on to something else with no regrets.

  5. I think it is beautiful just the way it is! I would not rip it out! This quilt is on my to do list. Love it

  6. I am in the leave it group, as well. Scraps, I have been trying to work on scraps and cleaning out the sewing room, but it has been very slow going.

  7. If you re-do the center in darks, you’ll have 2 rounds of dark next to each other (moving from the center out). I think the only way to “fix it” like Bonnie’s is to take the whole quilt apart in quarters and re-sew it together with the outside corners in the middle. That being said, I think it looks great as is, and I would just leave it!

  8. Stephani in N. TX

    I would leave it alone. Seeing the addition of what remains to be done on your quilt, the TX braid borders, I’m sure you will love the whole of the quilt way past the point of the center blocks. Think the center will appear as a floating space of light surrounded by the rest of the patterned blocks.

  9. Hi Jo, I like the light center. I think it makes your eye “look out” and expands the quilt. I think I need to make one!!

  10. Leave it and move on! It looks great and it’s not like you don’t have hundreds of other quilts you want to make!!!

  11. Jayne Jacobson

    Do you really have the time to take it apart? Do you hate it so much that you need to take the time to change it? If it was me, I would love it the way it is and move on to another adventure. There are too many quilts that are on my “Must Make” list for me to unpick anything that is “right” but not the “same”. I love your quilt. It is wonderful!!!!!

  12. Your top is beautiful the way it is. I would leave it and move on. It is your own interpretation of the pattern…..lol
    Love reading your blog.

  13. There is an easy remedy to diminish the light center. Choose, perhaps, an olive green or red or taupe or darker quilting thread to quilt a diamond section or other complimentary shape at the center and then quilt as usual. This could tone it down a bit.

  14. Move on! If you make another sometime, you can “get it right” for that one. The important thing is that this looks good, and the top is done. :)

  15. Betty Woodlee

    Absolutely no ripping out! I like you version better. It’s a beautiful quilt and so close to being finished.

  16. I like it the way it is. Besides I hate to rip out and that seems like it would take a lot of time. It looks good and there are so many more projects to work on. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Your quilt is beautiful. Yes, I like the dark better, but in the picture of Bonnie’s quilt, the dark center is surrounded by white. Your white center is surrounded by dark. If you changed just the center, you would have dark center surrounded by dark (hope that makes sense). I would leave it as is — which is beautiful as I have already mentioned.

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