What was old, is new again…

Over the weekend we did a little cleaning and sorting, finding things that we could donate to the upcoming church garage sale.  I had the kids pull an old cupboard out of the basement.  As I was making supper I peeked out the window my son hosed it off and clean it.  The more I got looking, the more I started thinking I couldn’t part with it.
I got this cupboard shortly after we were married.  We didn’t have anything as far as furniture goes so I stripped the ugly gray paint off and tried my best to clean it up.  When we moved to the farm where we live now, there just didn’t seem to be a place to put it.  But…as it was sitting outside, ready to be loaded on the truck, I decided to try it in the house before I gave it away and the verdict….I am keeping it.

My daughter Kayla is home from college for a few days so I think we are going on a run to a couple antique stores and look for a couple crocks to go under the cupboard.  I have a stain on the floor and I need to find something to cover it.  I think I am going to hunt for another picnic basket to go on top of the one I already have.  I don’t have a place for my dish towels and the picnic basket just might work.  Check back tomorrow and see what we come up with…

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