What’s Up at the New House

Last night we were at the house working again.  After the last few days of heat it was a treat to be able to work in some better temperatures.  It’s been a bit since I’ve updated you on what the carpenters have been doing.

It was getting late by the time I remembered to snap a few photos.  Starting out, the roof is shingled.  All new facing boards are in and the windows are prepped for siding.


The front of the house looks much different.  The old porch roof has been removed.  It used to be to the left of the house.  A new porch roof will be added to match the porch floor.


Other things that have changed in the front of the house…the fancy trim piece came down and the window was removed.  The trim piece is going to get worked on, repainted and put back up.  The window…we don’t have plans for yet but we’re keeping it.  We won’t be putting a new window in either.


Hubby has been busy.  Rather than purchase a egressed window well, he opted to make one from bridge plank boards.  He spent about $100 for the supplies vs the $500 the one in town cost.

I spent most of the time cleaning up.  The house is a mess inside and there was stuff that needed to be cleaned after the porch roof came down.  While we were doing that, the owner of the cabinet shop in town stopped by to see how we were doing on the house.

He was wonderful.  He gave us some tips and advice for cleaning up the woodwork in the house.  He helped with ideas on how to restore the decorative piece that came off the front of the house.  I can’t thank him enough.  For the most part, it was things we knew…we just needed someone who is a wood expert to confirm what we thought.  It’s great to live in a small town and have such friendly people who are willing to help with advice.  Stop by anytime Gary!!

We had a neighbor stop by after that…and then before we knew it the sun had set and it was time to go home.  Oh…I almost forgot.  Remember last week I told you that the carpenters would likely have to leave as there was a wait on the floor boards and rafters..well good news!!  The supplies are coming Thursday and Friday so they are staying!!  Ya-hoo!!!!!!!!  Only problem now…rain is in the forecast.

7 thoughts on “What’s Up at the New House”

  1. Wow, things seem to be moving on at a much faster pace than has happened for a while. I wonder when you are expecting it to be completed by the workmen, not necessarily completed for you to move in. So happy for you. I don’t know how you manage to keep going with all the things you seem to have to do. Keep up the good work but please don’t over do it, that includes hubby, your health is more important.

  2. I really am enjoying watching your progress on the house. That would never happen in my world. I like to tell people my husband is sweet and would love to help do things around the house BUT he doesn’t know what the business end of a screwdriver is. :)

  3. It’s going to be really nice! Wish you good weather! and send some of the cooler stuff my way please! it’s not going far enough SOUTH! LOL Like you have any control over the weather

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