What Quilt is on Your Bed??

It’s getting colder here…and I am determined to not turn on the heat yet.  That means we needed another quilt on the bed.

I had this one on….It’s my Odds and Ends quilt…one of my favorites.


But it’s time to cover that one up and add another quilt.  I debated on Labor Day Madness from Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth and Charlene Thode. ….It’s one of my favorites…EVER!  Ruby found me, jumped up on the bed and started “modeling”.  What a dog!!


But then ended up with my HUGE Easy Street.  This quilt is a giant.  Now if Hubby pulls the covers (or truth be told, I pull the covers) the other one of us will still have plenty of blankets.

See how long it comes down??

It’s that long on both sides…

This one won out as I’ve always wanted to have seasonal quilts on my beds….this one is screaming FALL…don’t you think?

So what’s on your bed??  If you have a blog, link up and show us.  If you don’t, leave a link to your Flickr page or simply tell us!  You can always email me a photo too…I’ll add  it to the post.

4 thoughts on “What Quilt is on Your Bed??”

  1. I added two quilts to my bed this month! I just happened to take pictures of them recently. I’ll link up later. I don’t have too many Fall Quilts. I have some blocks to put together though that are Fall. Love you Easy Street!

  2. It’s beautiful. What I like best about it is it’s borderless. I have a ‘utility’ quilt on my bed that I made from scraps as a leader/ender project one year. Nothing fancy. It’s the only quilt I’ve kept for myself!

  3. Seeing your ODDS & ENDs quilt didn’t make the ‘grade’ I have a christmas quilt on my bed. BC I tend to give mine away more than keep them. I have not finished my Odds & Ends quilt. I still need to cut and sew the borders on. I have been NOT working on that one for a long time.

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