What Kelli’s Reading: The Silent Patient

My daughter Kelli has been reading and just finished The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. Kelli has Hoopla and from a library near her. I live too far away so I can’t get a library card from there and get Hoopla. Kelli ended up getting a library card in her husband’s name and is letting me use it so I can get Hoopla too. I know it’s sneaky…but…I love Hoopla.

Here’s what Kelli had to say:
“Just finished this book—it was pretty good, but I did peg the ending but not all the details. It did a really good job of telling all the stories separately and keeping them detailed enough to leave you hanging but vague enough so as not to put it all together.”

Here is what Amazon had to say:
Alicia Berenson’s life is seemingly perfect. A famous painter married to an in-demand fashion photographer, she lives in a grand house with big windows overlooking a park in one of London’s most desirable areas. One evening her husband Gabriel returns home late from a fashion shoot, and Alicia shoots him five times in the face, and then never speaks another word.

Alicia’s refusal to talk, or give any kind of explanation, turns a domestic tragedy into something far grander, a mystery that captures the public imagination and casts Alicia into notoriety. The price of her art skyrockets, and she, the silent patient, is hidden away from the tabloids and spotlight at the Grove, a secure forensic unit in North London.

Theo Faber is a criminal psychotherapist who has waited a long time for the opportunity to work with Alicia. His determination to get her to talk and unravel the mystery of why she shot her husband takes him down a twisting path into his own motivations―a search for the truth that threatens to consume him….

Amazon readers gave the book 4.4 stars. Kelli said she’d agree. Although she pegged the ending, the book still had a lot of different paths it could have gone so that left her wanting to read to she could see if her guess on the whys of it all was right.

You can find the book HERE if you are interested.

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  1. Oh my. I think this is a book I would be tempted to read the last few chapters first! A friend said she did that and I thought it was just wrong, but sometimes I might be tempted to do the same.

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