What Kelli’s Reading: A Place to Land

Kelli was reading a book and shared the book with me.  I haven’t read it yet but Kelli did and liked it.  The book is called A Place to Land by Lauren K. Denton.

After listening to Kelli and reading the synopsis, I think I’ll give it a try.  Read along, you might want to give it a try as well.

From Kelli:
I liked the book, as I like books that have a little romantic side and a little crime, but the downside was that I thought it was predictable and was able to peg the ending fairly early in the book.  The other part that I liked was that it told the story of a few relationships and throughout the book, it was interesting to see how all the relationships were connected together and how they mirrored each other and changed throughout time.  It was an easy read and the storylines were easy to follow.  Overall, I liked it.

Here is what Amazon had to say:
Violet Figg and her sister Trudy have lived a quiet life in Sugar Bend, Alabama, since a night forty years ago that stole Trudy’s voice and cemented Violet’s role as her sister’s fierce and loyal protector. Now Trudy spends her days making sculptures from found objects and speaking through notes written on scraps of paper, while Violet runs their art shop, monitors bird activity up and down the water, and tries not to think of the one great love she gave up to keep her sister safe.

Eighteen-year-old Maya knows where everyone else belongs, but she’s been searching for her own place since her grandmother died seven years ago. Moving in and out of strangers’ houses has left her exhausted. After seeing a flyer on a gas station window for a place called Sugar Bend, Maya chooses to follow the strange pull she feels and finds herself on the doorstep of an art shop called Two Sisters.

When a boat rises to the surface of Little River in the middle of the night, the present and no longer-buried past collide, and the future becomes uncertain for Maya, Violet, and Trudy. As history creeps continuously closer to the present and old secrets come to light, the sisters must decide to face the truth of what happened that night forty years ago or risk losing each other and those they’ve come to love.

Amazon readers gave the book 4.3 stars.

You can find the book HERE if you are interested.

5 thoughts on “What Kelli’s Reading: A Place to Land”

  1. Check out Mary Ellen TAYLOR – Winter Cottage & it’s sequel Spring House. Also just finished Honeysuckle Season, also by her. Light romance, different narators tell their story, twists an turns with surprise endings. I don’t always like everything an author writes, but so far three for three!

  2. I’ve read other books by Lauren K. Denton and I’ve enjoyed them all. I plan to read this one in January when I have more Hoopla borrows!

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