What Kelli is Working on…..FOREVER!

A post from Kelli–

This  my friends is what I have been working on for the past two days–


Wedding Invite Pics


WEDDING INVITATIONS!  I’ve decided to cut some dollars by printing the invitations and assembling them myself.  Mom designed them on the computer and we have printed them on green (my color) cardstock.  Right now I’m working on getting them all cut out and soon will be running them through the sewing machine to perforate the RSVP card so that it can be easily detached and returned.

So far I have all of the church invitations done and am working on the reception ones….Slowly, but surely….


2 thoughts on “What Kelli is Working on…..FOREVER!”

  1. Invitations can be tedious to make, but when you’re done it’s a feeling similar to piecing a new quilt top!! You find the groove and no matter how many little bits there seem to be, you’re amazed when the project is done!! Best wishes!

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