What Kelli is Reading: On a Quiet Street

Kelli has been busy listening to books. She recently came across a couple of duds that she decided not to share with all of you. With today’s book, she finally landed on a book she was willing to share. The book is On a Quiet Street by Carla Kovach.

Kelli writes:

I liked it pretty good. There ended up being two different “outcomes” if you wanted to call it that. I guessed one and then there were two little twists at the end again—one was pretty minor but the other threw me for a loop—and I wanna see f there is a sequel! I would read it if there was. There were quite a few different people and storylines which were difficult to follow at times, but that could also be the fault of my children as well. Sometimes I listen when I’m in the kitchen and the kids are playing then they come in and interrupt me. It was centered around a situation that I would like to think was more common in previous eras but I’m sure still happens—and it was absolutely heartbreaking on a few levels. I’m glad that at the end of things, the truth came to light and new relationships were formed!

Here is what Amazon had to say:
Every family has its secrets. Some are more deadly than others…

I live on a quiet tree-lined street with my perfect husband Cain. But when 18-year-old Charlotte knocks on the front door, what she says has me questioning just how well I really know my husband.

‘I was adopted as a baby and I’m looking for my biological parents. I was told they live here.’

My heart races as I fear Cain has been keeping a huge secret from me. Does he have a child he never told me about? And has he been lying all these years?

I can’t trust anything Cain says. Desperate for answers, I agree to meet Charlotte in secret. But it’s Charlotte who is full of questions: about our lives, our relationship. It’s only when she lets slip the name of the road I used to live on, that I realize how much she knows about me, too…

Cold fear floods through my body. My husband may not have told the truth, but his lies are nothing compared to mine. If Charlotte knows my darkest secret, my whole life could fall apart. How far will I have to go to keep the truth hidden?

Amazon readers only gave the book 4 stars. Kelli thought is was a little better than that.

You can find the book HERE if you are interested.

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  1. Sandra Booker

    Hi Jo, Regarding cancer, It is hard to think “no news is good news” The last I heard, you saw doc on 4/28. I wonder every day as I read your lovely posts, what is your plan now? If you cannot share as much as you always have, I certainly understand. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

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