What Kelli is Reading: In a Quiet Town

Our family is obsessed with Aftershokz headphones. Kayla started the kick of having them (Debbie a cross stitch friend endorsed them as well) and now Kelli, Buck, and I all have them. We love them. If you haven’t tried them before, let me tell you a little about them. First off, they sit outside of your ear. They sit just in front of the opening of your ear. This way wearers can still hear what is going on around them. I’m someone who doesn’t like to wear headphones when I walk but these I don’t mind wearing. I can still hear traffic. I do have to be “in range” of my phone to get reception but that can be even on different floors of my house so that’s nice. When I’m outside gardening, I can keep my phone on the bench of the front porch and go all around my yard and still hear with my headphones. I can answer and talk on the phone with these by hitting a button. I can increase or decrease the volume of the book I’m listening to by pushing a different button on the headphones and I can pause my book. I seriously love these. They are on of those things that if they were lost or broken, I would immediately replace. I use them so much. Kelli and Buck both say the same.

As a construction worker, Buck has tried many different headphones but these are his favorite.

I also want to do a big shout-out to the company. I had a pair and I found them on the floor. I don’t how or why they got there. All I know is that they were on the floor. I went to use them the next time and only one ear gave sound. UGH. I called the company and asked if there was any way to fix them. They just sent me a new pair cost free. That was wonderful!! In complete disclosure, I still use that pair and the brand new pair is in my closet. (I’m a cheapskate like that) Once the old pair dies, I’ll break out the new pair.

You can find the headphones in several different colors HERE on Amazon.

Why did I tell you all of this and it’s a book review…because Kelli references her Aftershokz in her book review and I wanted you to know what she was talking about. So here is Kelli’s review. She writes:

I left my Aftershokz at work and was super bummed, so I couldn’t really listen to my book, In a Quiet Town by Amber Garza for a Monday through Friday which kind of broke things up a bit, but no fault of the book—but I think it made it a little harder for me to follow. But overall very good. I liked how it told it from multiple perspectives, but didn’t name the people necessarily just “fiancé”, “mom” etc but didn’t necessarily say who was what. I also felt like they found the sweet spot of giving enough background info, but didn’t spend half the book doing so. I think I really identified with the book too as I used to be a teen/early 20-something who wanted to “escape” and then was able to rebuild their relationship with their mom as more of an adult-to-adult relationship—and coming to find out that no matter what, your mom will always be there for you and truly does want the best for you!

Here’s what Amazon had to say about the book:

Tatum hasn’t seen her daughter, Adrienne, in years, not since Tatum’s husband—the pastor in their small California town—all but disowned her. When she finally gathers the courage to secretly reconnect with Adrienne, Tatum’s thrilled she’s even willing to talk to her. But then—Adrienne disappears.

Tatum tries desperately to get the police or her husband to take her daughter’s disappearance seriously, but no one will listen, until a mysterious man shows up claiming to be Adrienne’s fiancé. It’s a relief to finally have someone who believes her, someone who’s trying as hard as she is to find out where Adrienne is. But can she trust that this stranger is who he says he is? And can she find her daughter before it’s too late?

Amazon readers only gave the book 3.9 stars…Kelli thought it was better than that and was a little surprised at the low rating.

You can find the book HERE if you are interested.

6 thoughts on “What Kelli is Reading: In a Quiet Town”

  1. Thanks for the info on the Aftershocks. When this post was first posted, I couldn’t read it as it was all in code. Today is was fine. This happens about once a week. Strange.

  2. I bought my pair back when you first mentioned Kelli having to replace a set. I absolutely love them as I don’t like having ear buds in my ear. I especially love using them while gardening or doing yard work. I can spend hours working and the time just goes by when listening to a good book.

  3. Thank you so much for the tip about the Aftershokz! I read this yesterday morning, ordered them and they arrived at 6:30 last night (amazing!) Anyway, I absolutely love them. They were so easy to get set up and pair (unlike the other pair of bluetooth earphones I have) They are very comfortable – love that i don’t have anything in my ear – and the sound is great. I used your link so I hope you get a little something from that. Also, I put the book on my list too, sounds good.

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