What Kelli is Reading: His Secret Daughter

My daughter Kelli often shares books she has read here on the blog. It’s been a bit since she shared one. Sadly her headphones broke. Kelli and I are both huge fans of AfterShokz. They go outside your ear and deliver sound vibrations to transmit sound through your cheekbone directly to your inner ear so there is nothing “in” your ear like most headphones. We love them. Anyway, Kelli’s broke so she had to wait for a new pair to come. You can find them HERE on Amazon.

Anyway, they came and Kelli picked out a book. This one is His Secret Daughter by Melissa Wiesner.

Here is what Kelli said about the book:
This….it’s good. Definitely not where I thought it would end up, but the ending was a lot more heartwarming than I originally thought it would be.

It has an underlying idea of doing whatever you can to help your family….and I liked that too!

Here is what Amazon had to say:
Our family of three is perfect. Just me, Noah and our teenage daughter Maya. The day the police knock at our door, telling us about the car accident, is the worst day of my life. My heart shatters, but what they say next almost makes it stop beating: Noah was in the car with another woman who died at the scene. Her two-year-old girl, Luna, miraculously survived. With Noah fighting for his life, I’m desperate for the truth, and when I search his desk, I find checks made out to Luna’s mother. Did my loving, loyal husband have a secret family all along?

Despite my own terrible pain, at the hospital, I can’t help but comfort this poor child as she cries for her mommy. With nowhere else for Luna to go, I find myself opening our home. Seeing Maya hold Luna’s hand and giggle as they chase butterflies in the garden, it’s almost like my daughter has a sister…

Amazon readers gave the book 4.4 stars. Kelli says she would agree.

You can find the book HERE is you are interested. As I was writing the post I noticed that it is currently free to Kindle Unlimited users.

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  1. I think I have read it, if u did it was one I liked. Right now I’m reading Last Phone Booth in Manhattan. It was a free kindle read

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