What Kelli is Making: Pickle Pasta Salad

In an earlier blog post, I told you that Kelli had come over one day and brought pickle salad. I hadn’t had it before. Kelli said, “Oh Mom. You have to take a bite.” I did…and that led to eating a small bowl of it before lunch. It was top ten good if you like dill pickles.

Yep…I ate a bowl full…just like the bowl in Kelli’s hand. It didn’t ruin my lunch because I had even more at lunch time. HA!!

A little prewarning on the recipe…Kelli cooks like I do. A little of this and a little of that kind of cooking.

Cook and cool one box of Ditalini pasta. Mix with:
one jar of chopped dill pickles
one cubed block of Colby Jack Cheese
1/2 pack of chopped ham or leftover ham
one bunch of chopped green onions

Mix together
1 cup mayo
1 cup sour cream
Dill weed to taste
salt and pepper to taste
a splash of pickle juice to make it a good consistency for the salad

Mix the two batches together…all that’s your pickle salad. You can play with the amount of creamy ingredients to meet your tastes. Maybe you’re not a sour cream fan…use less of it and more Mayo.

YUM. It was such a good salad. It’s definitely a summer salad that people will love. I highly suggest taking it to a get-together where salads can be kept cold.

We all told Kelli that this can be the go-to salad that she brings to all the family events!! Give it a try and tell us what you think.

4 thoughts on “What Kelli is Making: Pickle Pasta Salad”

  1. hmmm, trying to decide whether or not I want to try this. I do like dill pickles, but…. I might try a very small amount sometime.

  2. Jo, i use this recipe with cauliflower instead of pasta. I cut a medium size cauliflower into bite size pieces and microwave until just tender. immediately drain and cool in the fridge. Exchange cauliflower for the pasta. A few less carbs than pasta

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