What Kelli is Making: Gingerbread Cake Balls

Kelli was in a putzy kind of baking mood so she made a batch of Gingerbread Cake Balls. I think this time of year rolls around and many of us are looking for something that is pumpkin spice flavored and this hit the the spot for Kelli.

Kelli writes:
Cook 2 boxes of spiced cake mix according to the package.

Crumble the cooled cakes and mix with a can of cream cheese frosting…you could probably use 3/4 of a can, but I didn’t want to waste it or pull it out of the back of the fridge in 3 months so I put the whole can in.

Melt 2 packs of white almond bark and a tablespoon or two of veg oil so it thins slightly and dunk the cake balls.

I added orange food color to the remaining frosting mix and drizzled it over the top.

Eli and Emmett stood in as the official taste testers.

Both of them, and the rest of us, all really liked them! Cake balls are so easy- just time-consuming!!

6 thoughts on “What Kelli is Making: Gingerbread Cake Balls”

  1. Those sound so good! I’ve never made cake balls but have enjoyed any that I’ve eaten, so will try these and it is the right season for spice cake.

  2. Those sound very good. Thanks for sharing directions for making them. Jo, I was not able to read your Doctor report either. I have be thinking of you!

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