What Kelli is Making: Funfetti Pancakes

Kelli sent me these pictures a bit ago and I’m just finally getting them posted thus the Christmas tree in the background.

Kelli loves trying new recipes and is always on the hunt for something her kids might like.  Pancakes are high on the list of favorites at their house.  Kelli was excited when she saw an option for pancakes made with a Funfetti cake mix.  She was sure the kids would like them.

You can find the recipe she used HERE.

Here they are ready to go.

Kelli, Kalissa, and I all have this griddle.  It’s the granddaddy of them all.  You can find them HERE on Amazon.  I originally heard of them from people who made lefse.  I thought to get one and try lefse making but the griddles were about $100 and I didn’t have money for that.  Instead, I used a regular griddle you could find at Walmart.

Then I was at the thrift store one day and one was there for $10.  I bought it.  The griddle sat for a long time and I didn’t try lefse making.

Then my Walmart griddle died.  I had pancake batter already mixed up.  I didn’t want to make them on a skillet on the stove as all five of the kids were home then and that would have taken forever.  Then I remembered that I had the lefse griddle from the thrift store.

I pulled it out and used it.  Oh my, what a game-changer. I never bought a different griddle again.  My thrift store griddle did die and I didn’t think twice about spending the money to get a new one.  The griddle has become a staple in all our houses.  If I had a house fire, I would buy an Instant Pot and a griddle long before I bought a stove.

All of us regularly use our griddles.  I make steak, fried potatoes, quesadillas, Rueben sandwiches, grilled cheese, pork chops, stir fry…we just love them.

But…back to the pancakes…The boys loved them!!  Here is Eli. No glasses as we generally take them off at meal time as he smears them up so badly.

Here is Emmett.

It’s easy to say they were a success.  Kelli thought she’d pull out this recipe for birthdays or celebration days just to change things up or make them a little more special.

It might be a fun recipe for a grandma to have to make a grandkid day just a little more fun!

9 thoughts on “What Kelli is Making: Funfetti Pancakes”

  1. Such cute little boys. Question: What’s the difference between these pancakes and just adding sprinkles to a regular pancake batter?

  2. Dear Jo, your grandsons are so cute and growing up fast!

    Loved the idea of the Pillsbury Funfetti. It is not sold here in Canada. I looked for it on Amazon and it’s $17.99 per box to be shipped here…thinking a white cake mix with coloured sprinkles added might work???

    1. If you follow the link to the recipe, the original recipe posting has a link on making pancakes from a regular cake mix also. Looks pretty easy and yummy.

  3. I have read where you can take a cookie sheet and make sheet pancakes. Everyone can have a different flavor.make a group blueberries, strawberries or sprinkles. Bake and cut squares of each flavor

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