What Kelli is Making: Dump and Bake Manicotti

The other day I was sitting at the computer and Kelli sent me a reel for Dump and Bake Manicotti. It looked interesting. I am going to try to link it HERE. It’s a quick reel that shows how the gal made the recipe.

I was excited about the recipe. It looked so easy with little mess and little clean up.

Here are the steps to the recipe…Put manicotti in a pan sprayed with cooking spray. Put a cheese stick in each one.

Brown ground beef or sausage-whatever your preference and put that over the top.

Put spaghetti sauce over the top, bake.

Put cheese on top, bake again.

You’ll have to watch the reel that I put a link for at the beginning of the post to get the whole recipe.

After trying it this was Kelli’s response.
It was pretty good but super-super cheesy—if I did it again, I would put half a stick of cheese in the noodles. Georgie was herself and refused to eat it because she didn’t think it was actually a noodle.”

Me, I think I might add some spinach of greens to the recipe. Maybe wrap the cheese stick in greens and then put it in the manicotti. That would be great.

Emmett did like it. Here are a couple of pictures of him enjoying…

Did you notice how blonde his hair is getting? It was really dark when he was born.

Writing this post has me hungry. I’m off to make myself some lunch. Sadly, it’s not this dish. Likely it’s just a sandwich.

I do have this tagged and will likely make it some night when the family is here to eat. If anyone tries it, let me know what you think.

7 thoughts on “What Kelli is Making: Dump and Bake Manicotti”

  1. Sounds good! thanks for sharing. I was just thinking how blonde Emmett’s hair had gotten and your next sentence was about that! I bet he gets out in the sun lots. My daughter’s hair was so blonde in summers when she was little.

  2. I’ve made something very close to this for years. It’s easy for a make ahead meal. I’ll prepare it in the morning when I know I’m going to be extra busy with evening chores. I just put it in the oven when I go out and supper is done when I get in.

  3. The saying ‘you learn something new every day’ is very apt for me because I’d never heard of manicotti before, so I’ve just googled it and it turns out we have it in the UK! (It may be because I can’t tolerate gluten so haven’t come across it before). I’m going to see if I can do something similar because it sounds and looks a delicious, easy meal.

  4. Looks yummy to me!!! I love anything noodle/pasta dishes. Like your idea too. Not to mention the “easy” part!!!
    I had ravioli at the hospital—the ravioli was good and would have been great just by itself–but it seemed they just put straight tomato sauce out of the can over it . Too strong!!! Like I said–I love all pasta things–tortellini, ravioli, beef/noodles chicken and noodles–
    mac & cheese!!! No best not name all of it!!!

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