What I’ve Been Working On..

One would think that being I had time off that I’d have gotten lots of sewing done.  I got a fair amount done but not a lot.

The garden has been calling…or rather tomatoes have been calling.  Mine are producing like crazy.  But, we’re not here to talk about that.  Onto quilting!!

I am not pushing myself on my UFOs but I don’t want to completely forget about working on them so early last week I pulled the UFO for the Dirty Dozen.  My designated UFO is this…Show Off.  It’s a Quilted Twins free pattern.  I had all of the shirt plaids cut for this but I didn’t have the whites.

I brought it down and set it on the island in the kitchen.  I told myself if one of our kids call, I would cut out the white part.

That’s exactly what happened.  I used a light muslin for the white.

Here they are all cut and ready to go.  If I get no other sewing done on this, at least it made it one step closer to a finish.

I told you that I like to have projects to do when my kids call.  So even though I had other things I should have been sewing, I was up early one day and started sewing together some strips for my Bitcoin quilt.

Sure enough a half-hour later one of the kids called and I spent our phone conversation ironing the strips.

Later in the week over a phone call, I cut them into segments.

From there I moved on to working on the baby quilts.  You might remember that I making tractor quilts for Kelli’s boys.

As I said before, one quilt will have a blue tractor as that’s the kind of tractor Papa Moo (Kramer liked). The pattern is in Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage book.  Find it HERE on Amazon.

I got all 180 and of the blocks done.  Next up I need to make the tractor blocks for the quilt.

They were doable but time-consuming.  There are 26 pieces in the block.  There is an odd seam that requires some partial seam sewing too.

It really wasn’t hard.  I fretted about way more than it was worth.

While I was sewing the tractor blocks I was sewing the border pieces for my Show Off UFO quilt that I told you about…it’s only a little progress but I’m taking it!!

After the tractor blocks were done I started sewing the quilt tops together.  I got Emmett’s this far but couldn’t find the strip I needed to add to the top.  UGH.

I decided rather than hunt for that, I would just start sewing Eli’s together.  I got this far and again, I couldn’t find either top.

What the heck?!  I know I sewed the tops pieces.  Where are they?  I know I made 180 pinwheel blocks.  WHERE ARE THOSE STRIPS??

Rather than fret too much about it, I decided that I would just start making the backs.  The strips would likely show up as I puttered around the sewing room.

I pulled out Lori Holt’s book Spelling Bee.  Find it HERE.

I used her letters to make the boys’ names for the back of the quilt.  Her letters are so quick and really, really easy.  Here is a start to the letters.

Here is the backing for Emmett’s…

…and this is Eli’s.  Nothing fancy.  I just grabbed stuff in the backing fabric pile.

Darn.  I still didn’t find those strips.  I’m starting to wonder if they ended up in a bag of the Halloween fabric I shipped out…or did I put them in the charity quilt box by accident.  My sewing really isn’t that messy right now.  In fact, I had forgone a morning sewing session this week in favor of cleaning up.

So this is where the quilts sit.  Now top row of pinwheels on either of them.  I think I’m just going to make new pinwheels blocks.  It will only be 22 more.  There are worse things.

You know, just by the law of chance, the second I get them made the originals will show up.  UGH.

I did forge ahead on my Red Sampler Quiltalong quilt.  Here it is…a complete top.  It needs a backing…and longarming…and binding.  Oh my, not counting the baby quilts, I think that makes four that need to be machine quilted.  I hate when my list gets that long.  Oh well…I love to piece so it’s a perpetual problem.

On another quilting note.  Remember I told you yesterday that Kalissa and I had gone shopping on Saturday?  We went to the Amish.  I got two new cutting mats.  The one I have upstairs has a slit all the way through it at the zero mark.  I’ve been making it work and I adjust my cutting to stay away from it but it’s a pain.  The one downstairs isn’t far away from the same problem so I bought two.  I thought it was a decent price…

$22.10 each.  I came home and looked them up on Amazon.  They were only $22.50!!

Why have I waited so long to get a new mat??  Why did I think these were a lot more expensive than that??

Had I know I would have replaced mine sooner.  I guess it’s kind of like a rotary cutter blade.  You don’t realize how nice life is with a new one!!

That’s all I have for you.  I’m so hoping I can finish those baby quilts this week.  I have a couple of days off so fingers crossed!!

18 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Working On..”

  1. I counted the pinwheel bocks just to make sure you didn’t sew them onto the bottom of the quilts and you didn’t. You’re right, you’ll find those strips as soon as you piece new ones. Did you put the plaids away? Better look in that box and see if they got stuck in there when you cleaned up.

  2. Love the tractor quilts for the boys, nice to have their names on the back.

    I noticed one quilt has six rows of blocks and the other has five rows of blocks, maybe I’m not seeing right.

  3. Love the tractor quilts for the boys, nice to have their names on the back.

    Does one quilt has six rows of blocks and the other has five rows of blocks, maybe I’m not seeing right.

  4. So I counted 90 blocks on the blue tractor quilt but 79 on the green one. I don’t think you are missing as many as you think. Beautiful work! They will love them!

  5. Say a prayer to St Anthony.
    Tony, Tony, look around
    Something’s lost & must be found

    Works most of the time for me. Good luck!

  6. You have come so far on your quilts. I really, really like the pinwheel quilts for Emmett and Eli, and the red one is very nice. Isn’t it something how we can misplace some parts of our projects. I recently did and was worried that I put it in stuff I gave away. Thankfully, I finally found it. I hope you do too!

  7. Wow, I love the tractor quilts! Amy is right…one extra strip on the bottom of the blue quilt that needs to go on top. Then you are only missing 11 blocks for the green quilt. You accomplished alot of sewing! The red and white quilt is wonderful!

  8. I love the red sampler quilt! Red is one of my favorite colors. You do such nice work!

    Eli and Emmett’s. Quilts are cute. I’m sure they will have hours of snuggles in them. Wrapped in Grandna Jo’s love.

  9. Love those quilts for the boys – and the red and white quilt too! Those quilts will be well-loved.
    I just finished piecing two tractor blocks out of Lori Holt’s “Farm Girl Vintage 2”; they are slightly different than the block in the book you used. I made one backwards (on purpose) so they will face one another in a table runner. Fun project!

  10. I lose things while I am working on them, so it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I am sure it will turn up and if you make new blocks, and find the old ones, it’s a start to another quilt. Great quilts!

  11. Looks great Jo. Love the tractors. What is that flower shape stencil thing on your machine plate? Does it help you to free motion quilt?

  12. Hi Jo! I count 180 blocks between the two tops. I think you may have sewn the missing row to the bottom of the quilt!

  13. I lose stuff, too! Aaaarrrggghhhh
    I started buying more storage boxes, my little stuff is out of control. My favorites are pretty wood boxes from the Thrift Store, but plastic is rampant.

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