What I’ve Been Working On…

I could simply type the word “Nothing” and be done writing the blog post for today. I’ve not really touched a sewing machine besides putting the binding on the quilt I showed you in Saturday’s blog post. HERE is a link to the quilt if you missed it.

My lack of sewing has no correlation to my want to be sewing. I’d love to be sewing. My last week went something like this…

Got back from the cross stitch retreat late Saturday night.
Sunday: Unpacked. Wrote blog posts. Caught up on everything.
Monday: To Mayo Clinic
Tuesday: To Mayo Clinic
Wednesday: Had family here all day and hosted supper
Thursday: To chiropractor and then to town in the opposite direction to meds
Friday: To Dubuque to meet blog reader Ila
Saturday: Hosted family here and got ready for a picnic-had overnight guests
Sunday: Family Picnic

In between all of that, I cleaned my bedroom. It was long overdue. I took out two kitchen garbage bags of clothes to donate and one to put in the garbage. I gardened, watered plants, wrote blog posts, kept up the house, and in the evenings I did a little bit of cross-stitching. It’s been crazy busy and this week doesn’t let up at all.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking of sewing. Here is some proof…When I was doing errands I thrifted and got the four pieces of fabric at the top of the picture. A blog reader also sent this pretty red wool I’ll be keeping. She sent some blue too, along with other goodies. THANKS!!

I also acquired FOUR, yes, FOUR sewing machines this week. The one under the black cover is Red Eye Singer from blog reader Ila. She gave it to me when we met up on Friday. I’m excited about it. I need to find a cabinet for it though. I love a good hunt.

The other two came from my brother. I haven’t even opened them yet.

I just sat down to write this blog post and don’t have time yet tonight to go through any of the machines. This manual came with…It says Touch and Sew Singer so my guess is that there is one of these inside one of the cases.

I had a Touch and Sew as my first machine. It was one with a blue front though. My sister had one with a gold front. I love the machine…I’ve heard others say they are “touch and throws” as the quality of machines went down at about this time but I’m open-minded about that. I loved my machine.

The fourth machine of the week was this one…a Janome.

I’m curious to check it out.

The three machines came from my brother. He knew someone who knew someone who was had left their house with the contents in it and anything in the house was free for the taking. He called me and asked if I wanted the machines. I said sure.

I so often take machines, fix them up, and give them away. I’ve done that several times. So many people want a machine to hem a pair of pants or want to try quilting but don’t have a machine. These are all fine as starter machines. At least someone can sew long enough with these machines to know if they want to invest in a better machine.

I’m happy to putz with them. Who knows…I might save one for a granddaughter.

I gave you the schedule for last week…this week is just the same with stuff on every single day. Including a big 30 1/2 birthday bash for my son Karl on Friday night. He has a birthday in December and it’s such a hard time to plan anything so we settled for a 30 1/2 birthday party instead. If you are friends or family in the area stop by and help us celebrate. It’s an open house type of party. All of the family will be home…I’ll be cooking…It will be lots of fun. Busy-Busy!!

So you can see I’ve been thinking about sewing…just haven’t done much lately. Fall is coming, the school will be starting and life will settle down again. I swear August is ALWAYS the busiest month for me and this year is no different at all. Before I know it October will be here and I’ll settle back into sewing. I do love it.

14 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Working On…”

  1. What kind of cabinet are you looking for? I have a blond sewing cabinet that was given to me and I want to get rid of it. Nothing special. Top opens up to set machine in. 3 drawers. I will take pictures in the morning and email them so you.
    Cindy Berns

  2. I have weeks like this where it seems like I get nothing done and yet I look back and I actually did – just not what I wanted to do. ;-) Have a great week and Happy 1/2 birthday to Karl.
    Love and prayers

  3. That was my last week plus my internet router went out. Went and bought one, got the wrong one, so take it back, get the right one. Something simple to install took half a day. Had to call router people for help and guy’s English was horrible. I had trouble understanding him and him me. We went round and round to point I was getting frustrated and I know he was getting frustrated with me to point he hung up on me. Okay I can fix this problem and I did. Reconnect Ethernet cable, reboot system and good to go. Had to update iPad, phones and Alexa Echo dots. I did get to finally finish a panel I was turning into a quilt, cut out and finished top for two cradle quilts, cut out two lap size charity quilts and started sewing on one. I was able to spend an hour working on cross stitching. Today started off with a bang with son calling and asking about granddaughter Jeep’s problem and about dealer in Durham,NC. I worked in dealership until I retired and they still think I know everything about how to fix a car since I worked with mechanic and warranty. Hopefully day will improve after my coffee

  4. Lucky you with the treasure trove of machines. I learned to sew on my Mom’s Touch & Sew machine. Hers just plain wore out! Could you review your medical stuff? I’ve tried to get the two Cancer posts, but could not open either one. I try daily, but no go so far. I had not had any issues when other people did, but these were pretty important and I wanted to see where you stood. Thanks for checking into it. Hugs,

  5. Just dropped my machine off at the repair shop for a tune up. When I’d called (a while ago, I admit) they said 2-3 weeks. Today the clerk (who I’m sure has never sewed a stitch) said 3-4 weeks, but “I’m going to say 4-6 weeks.” I told her that’s a long time to be without a machine.

    I’m already in withdrawal.

    I hope you can fix up the machines and give them to someone just starting off in sewing. They have a program here for hs girls who, if they take and complete the sewing course, get a free (NEW) sewing machine. Or, I think your grandchildren would love to Sew along with you on their own little machine.

  6. I’m sorry you had no time to sew, but oh the love of family! Jo, you always get so much done, maybe not what you wanted but you have a very full and vibrant life. How fun to get the machines and I hope they work. I was given a Brother embroidery machine last week and haven’t had a chance to even look at it. I was rear ended ten days ago so dealing with insurance, looking for another car – they are hard to come by – and still my life is simpler than yours, but it is wearing me out. Sending prayers for you.

  7. wow those sewing machines sound really great. would think they could come i quite handy when your girls come for a sewing day and they need a machine but lugging one to Grandma’s house along with the children can be quite a chore. I also can see your teaching training coming in handy with a group of young folks wanting to learn to sew; especially since this is no longer offered in our schools.
    Do you do your own sewing machine check ups, tuneups, and repairs ????

  8. Until the last couple of weeks I VERY, VERY rarely had an issue with the blog postings not opening, but now i would say it’s 50/50.

  9. Free machines!! Wahoo!!! Also, your second post today was ib code, and it’s always the ones where something important happens!! Grrr

  10. Stella Trulocke

    When i first read this post it was all in code, but i have found that if i leave it until later it is usually ok then. So pleased to hear of your job at the Vets – the ideal place for you to work. Hope it all goes well. With best wishes

  11. Try looking on your local area facebook marketplace for a sewing cabinet. Just type in the search “sewing machine”

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