What I’ve Been Working On…

I had a busy week with dogs and grandkids. I didn’t get much done all week until yesterday. I had worked a bit on Saturday but not a lot.

I only ended up working on one thing…ONE!! But, I got it done. On my front burner has been this quilt that I wanted to finish for my son-in-law Craig. He’s the only one in the family that doesn’t have a quilt made from recycled 100% cotton shirts.

The middle of the quilt was a…

UFO. It is the quilt Virginia Bound from Bonnie Hunter. It’s in THIS BOOK.

I didn’t like the original border of quilt and always thought to do something else. I never did it though. The quilt sat in my UFO pile for years. Now I finally have it done.

If you’ve been following the blog you know that the quilt is for my son-in-law Craig. After I made my grandson Anders his baby quilt, Craig jokingly said why does everyone else have a quilt except me? That put me in motion. I never knew he wanted one!!

I’ve been debating over what to “write” in the border. The baby quilts all have the alphabet. Kalissa’s has her name and the words “Dream Big”. I made it for her when she was still high school.

I knew I was going to put his name but didn’t know how much of his name. I went with his whole name as Kalissa often calls him “Craig Alexander”…also, they had half planned on naming Anders, Anders Alexander, but Craig said no. He wanted Anders to have my husband’s middle name. So I wanted to send the message that his middle name is important too. I ended up making his whole name. I got his name done and that was trying to figure out what to do for fill in. I ended up taking some of the leftovers from Anders quilt and framed them in white. I liked that idea.

A couple of weeks ago I have half decided on using the word “worthy”. For some reason that just stuck with me. I got that word finished.

Next I decided the word “Trusted”…

The dogs were sunning themselves as I was working on the quilt.

The last word is loved. So I settled on “worthy, trusted, loved”. I’m content with that. Thanks to the many of you who had suggestions. You might notice the words are all done in lowercase letters.

You can see a bit how I filled in the rest of the border. I’ll take more pictures when I show the completely finished quilt.

For now, I’m doing the happy dance…

I am so incredibly happy that the quilt top is all done. I’ve been wanting this to be finished for some time.

I’m hoping to keep rolling with this one and hopefully get a backing made and machine quilted this week. Fingers crossed.

After that…I’m not sure what I’ll tackle next. The Dirty Dozen number for April is #1. I didn’t even touch the March quilt. I think I’m going to do the March quilt and not the April quilt at this point. Oh, I wish there more hours in the day…or maybe just more free hours in the day.

Anyway…I’m thrilled to be this far. I’m so glad I stuck with it and finished it.

That’s all I have for you for today…what have you been working on?

29 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Working On…”

  1. That is a fantastic quilt. The border is so fun and truly describes what we all “see” from Craig. He’s such a good man!

    1. I love it!! Such a special quilt!
      And that’s why we quilt, right? Because we can make something so unique for someone we love!

  2. Stephani in N. TX

    So glad I rolled down on my computer screen to see that I had missed reading “What I am Working On,” my favorite of your posts. Craig’s quilt is beautiful and the words are just perfect. He’s going to love it especially having “waited” for it. Well done Jo.

  3. Jo, I LOVE what you did with Craig’s quilt! Those words are so touching. I bet he loves it too. Good job!

  4. Kristy Wilkinson

    Oh Jo-

    I absolutely love this! What a special and heartfelt quilt. It makes me just so happy to know how much you love your family and your creativity is just amazing! Each crumb quilt you do you go farther and farther into amazingness! :-) He will be thrilled to have this. So glad you got it done. K-

  5. Craig is going to LOVE that quilt! It is so nice, so many thoughts went into the making of it. Congratulations, Jo!!

  6. What a wonderful quilt! My daughter-in-law just gave me a bag of her dad’s shirts on Saturday. He recently passed away and she would like something made with them. Thank you Jo for the inspiration!

  7. Carmen Montmarquet

    Craig is truly WORTHY of this AWESOME quilt! He is loved and is so trustworthy too, anytime he is needed he is right there! It’s such a PERFECT quilt for HIM! So happy for you that you got it done!

  8. I’ve always loved that quilt design of Bonnie’s but your version is outstanding! Craig is going to love this quilt!

  9. Great finish! Those words seem to fit him from everything I have read about him. I know you think highly of him – with good reason! You are so creative with the letters and lots of other things too!

  10. Not only is this quilt done, but you have to be very happy with the results. I love the addional adjectives. From what you’ve told us about Craig, these words definitely describe him. Can’t wait to hear about his reaction.

  11. That is such a cool quilt. I love your alphabet! I’m trying to get quilt tops quilted. Got three finished..that’s exciting for me!! And I emptied two bolts when I picked out the backs..that’s exciting too!! When I’m not sewing I have embroidery to do before Easter. My best days to do that is tomorrow and Wednesday! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  12. I love this quilt! Your creative use of lettering inspires me to try lettering on my scrappy sister’s nine patch that I’m working on for my brother. Thanks for your videos and “what I’m working on” columns.

  13. It’s beautiful, I really like it. From what I’ve read through your many blogs, Craig is a super son-in-law law and deserves the words you put on the quilt.

  14. I’m sure he’ll agree it was worth the wait! The quilt is stunningly beautiful and a beautiful way of honoring of him.

  15. Susan the Farm Quilter

    What an absolutely wonderful quilt! Describes Craig perfectly!!! He is definitely a blessing and a great addition to your family!!! It was well worth the wait!

  16. Awesome quilt Jo!! Love how you add names and words to quilts! Craig will treasure this quilt forever!!

  17. Oh my goodness Jo, I absolutely LOVE this!!! You rocked it. It is amazing. I know Craig will treasure this quilt as he does you.


    Fantastic finish! I have Bonnie’s book and Keats wanted to make that quilt, just haven’t gotten around to it. Too many others things, grandkids keeping reproducing and when I finish one quilt I now have three more to make! Lolo but it’s a happy job! Thanks for great blog!

  19. I’m envious, I was at that retreat/class with you in Davenport. My quilt is still being pieced (ufo) the other one has been completed years ago!

  20. oh Jo what a very Special quilt, I have no doubt Craig will be delighted and a little overwhelmed when he receives this masterpiece. Do hope that moment of receiving the quilt will be captured.

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