What I’ve Been Working On…

In the sewing department…I’ve worked on nothing.  I knew last week that I likely wouldn’t touch a sewing machine and that was almost true.  Let me outline the last week for you.  It was FILLED with kids and family.

-Kelli’s kids were here.  Kelli slept upstairs after working the overnight shift as a nurse.
-Kalissa’s kids were here in the morning as she had doctor appointments.
Kalissa’s boys were here back in the late afternoon.
We had big family supper.  Karl and Craig were here for that too.  We played Ticket to Ride that night.
-Kelli and the kids stayed overnight.

-Kelli’s kids were here until early afternoon
-Carver and Gannon were here all day. Kalissa picked them up but I Craig got stuck at work so I got the boys back.

-Carver and Gannon were here all day.  I invited my old childcare kids back for a play day.

-Carver and Gannon were here.  Kayla and Jasper came too.  They stayed overnight.

-I had Carver here.  Jasper was here while Kayla ran errands.  Kelli and her three kids were back here on Friday evening.  They stayed overnight as did Kayla and Jasper.
We had big family supper.  The adults stayed up WAY late.  It was 1am when I finally was the first to go to bed.

We were playing Ticket to Ride.  We played two games of the Rails and Sails version and then two of the Original Version.  We like the Expansion Pack to the original. If you like games at all.  I highly recommend Ticket to Ride.

Kelli is all smiles because she finally won a game!!

She even did “WOW” hands.

Kayla couldn’t believe it.

Karl was happy for her…as was I.  Kelli NEVER wins.  We think it’s because she finally got to play without herding children so she could finally concentrate.

The overall winner of the night was me.  I smoked them once we added all the scores together.  I was so happy Kayla played as she typically avoids playing.  I think she had fun in the end.

-Jasper and Kayla were here.  Kelli and kids were here.  Kelli slept in the afternoon as she had to work the night shift that night.  Another big family supper happened.  Kayla and Jasper stayed overnight.

-Kayla and Jasper were here but left mid-morning.
-Karl was here late afternoon and stayed for supper.

As I write this, it is Sunday evening.  I’ve been writing blog posts all afternoon trying to catch up for the days I didn’t write any posts because there was no time at all in the day.

Of course, like I typically do, I leave the one post that HAS to be written, the one for today, this post I’m writing now, for last.  I couldn’t decide if I should run up to the sewing room and sew something so that I had something to share.  I decided I’m not going to.  I’m just going to tell it like it is.  I didn’t sew except for a tiny bit.

The little bit of sewing I did was on Saturday morning.  Kelli, Kayla, and I were working on a project making the Oui Jar pincushions.  You can find the tutorial HERE.

Kayla was busy making the covered buttons and then switch to another project on the computer.

I’ve so missed crafting and doing stuff with the girls.  I love the grandkids and love spending time with them…but honestly, I miss my girls.  So much of our time is wrapped up in the grandkids, their kids, and not nearly enough time is spent with us doing adult things.

I know it’s just a season of life and things will slowly allow us to do more stuff without being so overwhelmed by just the kids so I’m trying really hard to appreciate this time…yet look forward to the next season of life too.

It’s heading towards supper time.  I’m signing off.  I’ll make some supper and then I’m treating myself to some time on the couch cross stitching.  It’s been a long week!!


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  1. Bonnie in SE CT

    Hi Jo, I get it! Our families are our first priority. We have adult kids, grand and great grand kids that live close and some that live far away. We value the time with them above just about everything else. Housework, sewing and other pastimes can wait but kids grow up so fast and the next thing you know they are off to school, college and new careers. I love my alone time in the sewing room but not as much as my family time! Have a great day!

  2. That last photo is beautiful! I wonder if your girls realize how lovely they are. Sounds like you had a week of memory making for sure: the kind of memory that lives deep and becomes part of you.

  3. Hi Jo,
    I get where you are coming from. I went to use my sewing machine this weekend and it didn’t start…because it had been unplugged since the last thunderstorm over a week ago. And that week? filled with all the activities you can have with two 11 year olds. It is just the way things roll here. Lucky they like sewing too so that helps :) I would much rather have fun while they are young then have a quilt. We love Ticket to Ride also. The other game we play is Catan.

  4. I have had a great w,/e with my kids! Daughter was here from NYC so all 3 kids and families soaked in time together. Had to get to the county fair to see the animals. And my quilt from Pat Sloan’s QAL. Won best of show! My grandson won reserve champion with his pumpkin bread. Yea!! Everyone was happy!

  5. Colleen Pflieger

    I have had a great w,/e with my kids! Daughter was here from NYC so all 3 kids and families soaked in time together. Had to get to the county fair to see the animals. And my quilt from Pat Sloan’s QAL. Won best of show! My grandson won reserve champion with his pumpkin bread. Yea!! Everyone was happy!

  6. What a wonderful full-on week you had! I like the way you always say people before projects. I have been trying to apply that to my own life. No matter how much you love what you do, family does come first. Thanks for your posts, I love reading about your beautiful family, as well as all the stuff you do with quilting. Your family are a credit to you, and your dear husband.

  7. Anne Deedrick

    Jo, What a great, but exhausting week! It was just a couple of years ago that we had similar times with our kids and grands. We have 10 grandkids that range 8 years apart. So lots of hubbub when they were little, but great memories. They now are 15 years old down to 7 years old and they don’t require quite as much adult supervision. So now we can enjoy adult time while the kids go off to hang out with each other or they can be included – swimming in the creek, riding dirt bikes, etc. Lots of fun there too! As you’ve said family is 1st priority! Enjoy! Anne D.

  8. Sorry you didn’t have sewing time, but you are so fortunate to have family so near and can spend quality time with them. For some of us (me!) I get a little envious since my daughters, grands and great grands live states away. You are creating so many good memories for your daughters (sons too) and all the grand kiddos and that is important. Keep up the good work.

    1. The expansion to the original game really isn’t needed. It’s just bigger cards. You really don’t get anything “else”. If you love games just get the original Ticket to Ride first…this one…https://amzn.to/3otYJD6

  9. Sewing will wait. What did you feed everyone ? I always need inspiration. The weather has been so hot, I made a big bowl of 3 bean salad. I’ve picked the first tomatoes so BLTs are on the menu soon. I fry the bacon on the deck or in the garage.

  10. Jo, if I was in a family as magnificent as yours l don’t think I ‘d even miss quilting! You’re so lucky!

  11. I could say “DITTO” to all the other comments– but at the same time I think— I bet you gave a big sigh–a PHEW– made it through such a jam packed week!???? All of it terrific….. and all those precious special moments make great memories. Family #1 – and I was lucky enough to get a visit with my grandson -here on a fast visit from MT—as well as see the great grandson & my youngest daughter last Friday–so that was special family time too.

  12. I understand where you’re coming from Jo! I have one daughter and she lives 2 states away and I get to see her once a year. We never have time to just talk between ourselves. Her three kids take up all of her time and then between her husband and my husband – well, the time just goes and before I know it, I have to go home! Don’t get me wrong; I love my grandkids and son-in-law. However, it would be nice to go out for lunch by ourselves and have a nice chat without all the interruptions.

  13. I have a question about ticket to ride. When you have no train cars left, do you just keep playing getting 2 cards at a time until you build up enough to claim a railway route OR do you get to draw 4 cards to have 4 cards like you had at the beginning of the game.


    1. Elizabeth Sawyer

      I should have said no train car cards left. My grand daughter got rid of her 4 cards on her first turn. She then wanted to take 4 more from the pile. I thought she should only take 2 on her next turn and have to build up a pile of train CARDS to play with.

      Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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