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While I was on my diet for testing I got into a habit of making my supper and then taking it to the living room and eating in front of the television.  Normally when Karl is home and I’m not on the diet we always eat at the table.  By going in the living room, I don’t have to see the YUMMY food he is eating and the stuff I’m eating.  Seriously, BD (before diet) I never realized how much cheese, yogurt and sour cream I consumed.  Mexican food, for me, NEEDS sour cream.  But..I’m done with the diet now so enough ramblings and onto today’s post.

Being I was in the living room so much, I got in a lot more television time than normal.

I finished up Shetland.  Oh my.  I love that show….really love that show.  I highly recommend it.  I got the last two seasons on Britbox.

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I’ve mentioned the show before and I’ll mention it again.  If it has another season, I’ll be sure to watch it too.  Seriously…one of my favorites for sure.

It’s a cop show set in the Shetland Island.  The scenery is amazing.  I love seeing the differences in Shetland homes compared to American homes.  Really the plot lines, characters and scenery all have me wanting more.

Once I finished that I moved on to …Unbelievable series.  This came from Netflix.

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Here’s what this show is about:
Based on the true story of Marie, a teenager who was charged with lying about having been raped, and the two female detectives who followed the path to the truth.”

This show was good to watch.  I have a terrible time saying it was “good”…after all this was something someone lived.  I am honored that this gal was brave enough to tell the story.  It was engaging and the acting was good.

The last show I watched was from Britbox.  It was a PBS production.  There are two parts only but they are 90 minutes long.

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You all know I enjoy historical fiction and series of that nature are intriguing to me as well.

Here is a little description on it…
A gentle Jamaican woman reunited with her husband in post-World War II London encounters both racism and homesickness as she adjusts to her new life.”

The story is split as part is told from Jamaica and part from London.  I adore the costuming all the other depiction of times before, during and following WWII.

Hands down, if you’re only going to watch one of the shows…make it Shetland.  Seriously…my favorite.  I’d love for you all to chime in and let me know what you are watching.

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  1. Not sure I’ve seen Shetland but will look for it. Unbelievable was very unbelievable. I couldn’t believe how they treated her. I watched it all in one day. Could not stop. I’m alone so I can do what I want with my days except for Tuesday’s when I have my four year old granddaughter all day. We bake cookies every week. I’m going to get fatter with them all in the house !

  2. I saw Unbelievable when it first came out on Netflix. Amazing true story. I found I had to watch in the mornings before work due to the theme and finished it in 3 days. Well worth the time. Bravo to the detectives involved.

  3. I’ve loved Inspector Lewis and also Endeavour. They were Masterpiece Mysteries and might now be available on Britbox. Last Tango in Halifax was good too. Not a police procedural but quirky and entertaining. I will have to check out Shetland. I enjoy the British shows. Hinterland is another police procedural we enjoyed. I’ll have to check and see if a new season is available.

  4. Jo, I have to agree that watching Shetland is a joy. Love that show! I also love Vera, another police procedural, and the character of Vera is wonderful!

    I’ve been following your blog for years and never posted. Just wanted you to know you and your family are in my prayers. I’ve learned so much from you, mostly just how to live each day. I love every post. I’m older than you, but feel I’ve learned so many life lessons from you. Thank you! Keep posting!

  5. Can you get Vera on Britbox? Another crime series but set in North East England, its very good.
    Also George Gently set in the 1960s is well worth a watch

  6. I love anything British! Lived there in the 70’s with the USAF and have good friends who live there now. I’ve also watched the German shows about Charite hospital. First one was in the late 1800’s and based on true events and people at the hospital. Second series was about the hospital during WWII. You have to read the subtitles unless you speak German.

  7. I love Shetland. You might want to check out Maigret, Shakespeare and Hathaway (or Hathaway and Shakespeare, lol), Silent Witness and Raising the Dead. Great acting and engrossing storylines.

  8. Would definitely recommend Vera. Think it’s up to series 9 or 10 now so plenty to go at if you like it. Vera and Shetland both from books written by the same author – Ann Cleeves.

  9. I read the books that Shetland is based on, recommend them to those of you who like good stories. Author is Ann Cleeves. She also wrote the Vera series.

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