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I’ve been trying to keep track of what I’ve been watching on television. I know all of you like ideas for shows to watch as much as I like ideas for shows to watch. Nothing makes me sadder than when I finish up an amazing series and have to hunt a new series down. So I thought I would share some of my latest favorites.

On Max, I watched Love and Death. This is a series I had listened to via a podcast. This time I watched the show. It’s a story about a murder and how it was solved. I loved the scenes as it was set in the past. They did a good job of telling the story in the movie too.

Here is the trailer. It’s not gory.

I loved The Crown.

I have to admit to being a bit of a royal watcher…at least for this show. No, I don’t buy magazines about them and such but I do note life milestones they have.

On Peacock, I watched Dr. Death. I had listened to this as a podcast and went on to watch the show. It is always so interesting to me how people can dupe others.

Here is the trailer.

A perennial favorite of mine is All Creatures Great and Small on PBS.

I’m not finished with this. I’m totally looking forward to the entire season!!

I had to sign up for Britbox again. I’ll keep it for two months or so and then let it go again. I am a total fan of the show Shetland. It’s really an all-time favorite of mine.

I’m bummed I can’t find a trailer for the show. This season my favorite guy is gone but I was content with the change in show. I’ll always miss Jimmy but am looking forward to seeing where the show goes. Start at season one if you haven’t watched it yet…it’s SO GOOD. I’m not a person who rewatches shows but I’m totally tempted to rewatch this one.

Other than that…it’s been flosstube on Youtube. I’ll have to make a list of people I watch there sometime.

Please tell me what you’ve been recently watching. I love to discover new shows.

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  1. On Netflix, I watch a mini series called “Maid.” It’s about an abused young mother who leaves her home with her child, and all the trials she went through. It was really interesting to me.

  2. Cynthia from Nebraska

    We have PBS passports. It’s $60 due the year. We watched all 5 seasons of Unforgotten and loved it. (It’s a bit hard at first to keep track of the characters but it all comes together in the end.)

    1. I think you would like Kingdom on Acorn, subsidiary of Prime i think. The Chelsea Detective on Acorn is good. Acorn has a lot of good choices and it isn’t terribly expensive.

  3. We really like Father Brown and Sister Boniface on Britbox and my daughter and I watch Call the Midwife on PBS

  4. I have to admit that I am hooked on true crime so I watch/listen to Dateline on Tubi, but I also like shows like Castle, Bones, The Closer, Major Crimes, and Rizzoli and Isles. Of course those are all reruns.

  5. This week a new Masterpiece started on PBS, Mr. Bates v the Post Office. It is about a computer system change in the British Post office that cause a lot of the local post masters to be charged with fraud/theft. I swear I saw a documentary on this a while ago, but maybe not. It is very good.

    1. Call the Midwife on PBS. If you can start with season 1 it’s just terrific and historical. Netflix used to have all the seasons.

    2. we just viewed the first of this one. It is interesting so far and that it is based on a true story and reminds me of the computer challenges of early days of converting from paper charts to computer ones. That old business that “you are the only one” having this challenge must be reminding others of those days.
      I am a bit confused about the ads about what and when we are going to see the ensuing shows. any enlightenment from anyone ???

  6. We have Britbox, Prime and Netflix. I can recommend:
    Silent Witness. (Pathologists solve crimes)
    Anne with an “E”
    All Together Now (Carol Burnette has a bit piece)
    Cokeville Miracle. (true)
    Doc Martin
    Dolores Claiborne
    Fisherman’s Friend
    Father Stu.
    Good Girls (4 seasons)
    The Grizzlies. (about a LaCrosse team)
    Going in Style (3 old bank robbers)
    A Home of our Own (Kathy Bates is in it)
    Grantchester (8 seasons)
    Inventing Anna. (unbelievable true scammer)
    Jesse Stone (all of them)
    The Life Ahead. (Sophia Loren is in this)
    ** R. Redford, Helen Mirren have great movies. Denzel Washington too.

  7. Rebecca Burch

    May I suggest “Mare of East Town” & “Missing” on Max? On Netflix, “Peaky Blinders” is a must-see.
    I’m definitely gonna check out “Love & Death”. I like Elizabeth Olson. Thanks for the suggestions!

  8. Also on Brit box, Death in Paradise and Beyond Paradise, Murder in Provence and The Coroner. On Netflix a really good 4 part series is All the light we cannot see, based on a true story, about a blind girl during WWII.

  9. Hi Jo, we have britbox because we love watching British TV. We especially love crime series. One series we like is Vera, it’s really good. If you like Shetland, then you’d probably like Vera too. We love Shetland and are eagerly awaiting the next season (the one without Jimmy), which hasn’t come out here in Australia yet. We’ve also been watching Endeavour, which is another British crime series, set in Oxford in the 60s. There’s about 8 in the series, and then the follow on one is Inspector Morse. So don’t let your britbox subscription go too soon, I’d advise. Anyway, I hope that’s given you some ideas. Happy watching.

  10. Like Shirley said, definitely watch Vera. The books are by Ann Cleeves, who also wrote the Shetland books. They are both top notch!

  11. Just watched the movie “The Miracle Club”. Really enjoyed it. Laura Linney, Kathy Bates and Maggie Smith. We’ve been doing Wayback Wednesdays, watching old movies from the 40’s on Wednesday nights. Last night was Casablanca. Such a good movie. Mrs. Miniver is a good one too.

  12. Jo, Britbox is my favorite. My daughter usually gifts me an annual membership for Christmas. Annual subscriptions are a nice gift for those of us that have all the things and we can stream our favorites all day as we sew. Win, win for me.

  13. I loved the original Shetland, it’s not the same without Jimmy Perez! Also enjoy All Creatures Great & Small. It’s been fun to check out the original series from my childhood.
    Vera was a bit hard to get into, but another great series.

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