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I’ve been trying to get every bit of stitching time in.  I’ve wanted to finish my Anniversaries of the Heart Cross Stitch project.  I watch television while I stitch so…here is what I was watching while I stitched.

Someone suggested I watch Prey.  I found it on Hulu.

Prey (British TV series) - Wikipedia
I loved this.  It’s a cop whodunit.  I love those.

Here is the trailer.

Here’s the description:
When DS Marcus Farrow is put in the frame for the murder of his wife and child he has no choice but to make an escape and try to clear his name.”

There are two seasons of this.

I watched…
Clickbait on Netflix.  This show had my attention the ENTIRE time.  There are lots of twists.

Clickbait - Rotten Tomatoes

This one had text messages that a viewer needs to read so it wasn’t the most conducive to cross-stitching but totally worth it.

Here is the description:
“When family man Nick Brewer is abducted in a crime with a sinister online twist, those closest to him race to uncover who is behind it and why.”

Here is the trailer…

I watched season 1 of Manhunt.  This was on Prime…just one season.

Manhunt, Series 2

It’s a show produced by Acorn so I’m sure it’s there but right now, I don’t have Acorn so I watched season 1 on Prime.

Here is the trailer.

Season 2 is being released now.

I got hooked on The Missing. I watched this on Prime.  There were two seasons and I loved both…a lot.

The Missing TV Show - Season 1 Episodes List - Next Episode
Here is a description of the show:
Families struggle to cope with the loss of a child after they have gone missing. As repercussions reverberate throughout entire communities and families, a French detective, Julien Baptiste, fights to bring the children home safely.”

Here is the trailer for season 1.

I found out that the show was canceled.  Another publisher picked it up and renamed it, Baptiste.

Baptiste (TV Series 2019–2021) - IMDb
I have watched the first season and am now mid season 2.  There are only 2 seasons and it doesn’t sound like there are plans for another season.  That’s sad as it’s a good show.  Baptiste is also on Prime.

I LOVED all of these shows.  They are all crime shows.  I have a thing about crime shows.  I love trying to figure out what is going to happen. I am going to finish up Baptiste and then I’m getting Britbox for a month.  One of my all-time favorite shows, Shetland, is coming out with another season.

As always, please share what you’re watching and enjoying.  Prey came from a reader suggestion and I loved it.

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  1. Thanks for the tips Jo! I love watching cop whodunit series; I’m currently watching the latest Shetland series. I watched Vigil a few weeks ago, starring Suranne Jones, which I thought was brilliant. Also, Silent Witness has loads of series, all really good. I, too, enjoyed Baptiste and The Missing. I’ve also been hooked on The Bridge (4 series I think), a Danish/Swedish series. I’m off now to look for Manhunt, Clickbait and Prey!

  2. OOOH! If you’re geting Britbox here are a few favorites:
    Agatha Christie, Poirot, of course
    Midsomer Murders
    Father Brown
    As Time Goes By
    Grand Designs
    The Up Series
    Mary Berry’s Absolute Favorites
    Mrs. Brown
    The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher (series of three programs)
    McDonald and Dodds
    Wild Bill
    Rosemary and Thyme
    Doctor Blake Mysteries
    Inspector Morse
    DCI Banks
    Inspector Lynley


  3. I recently finished and thoroughly enjoyed “Bosch” on Amazon Prime. I think there are 7 seasons. The series is based on books by Michael Connelly.

  4. I am watching Justified right now and it’s pretty good. There are 6 seasons. It’s very violent but what isn’t these days? The Shield is excellent also. I watched it on DVD from the local library so I don’t know where else you can find it. And if you haven’t seen Homeland, you really need to watch that too.

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