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I’ve been in the living room a little more as of late.  With Rosie here I haven’t done much in the sewing room.  I moved my Featherweight to the main floor and have been sewing from there.  I’ve also been doing a little more snuggling and that means time on the couch…and that means more TV time.

I finished the recent season of The Crown on Netflix.

Image result for the crown season 3Oh my…I loved it.  I need to remind myself not to speed through a season and savor it.

Olivia Colman is now playing the part of the queen.

Image result for Olivia Colman the crown
I watched her in Broadchurch and loved that series.  She does an amazing job in this series.  Check out this real picture of the queen compared to the actress.

Image result for Olivia Colman the crown
I have to say that I previously didn’t think much of Prince Charles.  He seemed so plain.  I hated that he married Princess Diana and then didn’t make a marriage of it.  (I know she didn’t either) Somehow watching this and seeing some behind the scenes things, I have a lot more respect for him….I’m hoping the show is accurate as to what happened.

If you’ve not watched The Crown, I highly recommend it.  The show has had me Googling for more information on the monarchy…it’s a good enough show that it makes me want to know more.  I would sincerely like to scream at the writers, “SLOW DOWN- You are telling the story too fast.  I want many more seasons of this and if you keep telling the stories so quickly, there won’t be many more seasons”.  The show has fast forwarded through 25 years in 2 seasons.  Ahhh..It makes me a little sad.

I’ve watched a few things on BritBox. 15 Days came up as a recommended show.  I gave it a try.  Here’s what I thought of it….

Image result for 15 days season 1
The show wasn’t too bad but a little too many suspects to make it plausible.  Also, there wasn’t a single character in the entire show that I liked.  The family was filled with ugly violent people.  I mean ugly on the inside.  This doesn’t mean it was a bad show…Just not awesome.

I also watch The Bay on Britbox.  I looks like this is also available on Prime.  This was pretty good.
Image result for the bay season 1Here is the official synopsis.
When Detective Sergeant Lisa Armstrong is assigned to a missing persons investigation in Morecambe, at first it seems like any other, tragic, but all too familiar. As a police Family Liaison Officer, she is trained never to get emotionally involved.”

I found the story interesting..I didn’t attach to the main character and I’ve learned that I like shows so much better if I do….but not a bad series.

I started in on The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco.

Image result for the bletchley circle san francisco
These are interesting and not too bad.  They do remind be a bit of “Murder She Wrote” episodes.  The ending can be guessed and although they are mysteries, there’s not a ton of mystery to them.

Here is the synopsis of the show, “Four women of high intelligence, a capacity for pattern recognition and a knack for decryption, use their skills to solve murders overlooked by police.”

As with any show that is set at a different period of time, I do really enjoy the costuming.

That’s what I’ve been watching.  I’ve snuck in a few shows here and there of other things but I’m still patiently waiting for another series to click and get me drawn in.  What have you been watching?

6 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Watching”

  1. Have you tried Death in Paradise on Britbox? It has interesting characters, beautiful scenery, and the crimes are not always easy to solve.

  2. Oh I recommend two : The Two Popes, with Anthony Hopkins.

    And “McFarland, USA” on Netflix, or maybe Amazon Prime, a not-new but wonderful feel good movie starring Kevin Costner as a running coach who changes immigrant kid’s lives in the agricultural valleys in California. It’s a really great watch, especially for someone who understands farming, smile, smile.

  3. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I also enjoy British shows. Doc Martin is lovely and I’m waiting for the 9th season to come on PBS as it has finished its run in England.

  4. I recently watched Virgin River on Netflix. It’s based upon the book by Robyn Carr and I thoroughly enjoyed the book and series.

    A true life series I watched on Netflix is titled Dirty John. The name makes it sound nasty and dirty and it’s not in the way that you would normally think. The show was developed from a series of articles that appeared in the Los Angeles newspaper. It’s about a woman who dates and marries someone she met on the internet. I found it very interesting and the ending thought provoking.

  5. Hi, if you can find it the very first Bletchley Circle is possibly the best edition to watch (in my humble opinion). It shows how the Circle started and helps to explain about Bletchley Park and the role it played in the development of code-breaking and is very atmospheric of the time.
    Also if you can find it the film Enigma is of a similar subject. One of my favourites. This is also a novel, also one of my favourites.
    Finally (yay), The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society film is set in WW2 and is very entertaining. It is also a book but the film is better.

  6. Lilac Joan Guthridge

    I agree with Lynn Walker the first Bletchley Circle is outstanding. As all of the British shows they just don’t last long enough. Such good writing. Sometimes just two or three episodes to a season verses 24 for an American series. That should tell you something.

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