What is Meant to Be….

Anyone who is quilting along with the Quilt Square Quilt Along has probably figured out that the block for August will be your choice of whatever blocks are left….That means one of them is the applique block.  Being the organizer of the group, I want to make every block so…it’s time to applique.

If you know anything about me, you know, applique is not my thing….but you also know I am not a person who gives up easily.  So last night, I decided to give applique a try yet again.

Results…EPIC FAIL!!

I have decided that I am not meant to applique.  I have tried and tried to love it but I simply do not.  Oh don’t get me wrong…I LOVE the look.  I just hate the process.  I hate the prep time.  I hate the slow results.  I hate that there isn’t an exact method for it.  My fingers cramp up…it’s just not for me.  I don’t think I am going to fight it anymore.  I don’t think I am going to try to like the process anymore…I am just giving up.  To be honest, I think I am happy with that.  I don’t see it as a failure.  I am looking at it as a focus point.  I can do what I am good at.  I can madly, happily and speedily sew along and piece quilts.

I’ll do wool applique…I love that.  As long as there isn’t an edge that has to be turned over, I’ll be doing that type of applique.  So my project got thrown in the garbage…then I resurrected it and and now it’s hanging it on the wall as a gentle reminder that it’s okay for me not to like type of quilting.

You may remember that I swore off paper piecing too.  Well…I think that is something that I am going to try again.  Seeing that Pineapple Crazy quilt in Bonnie Hunter’s new book Spring Fling has he thinking…..

maybe…just maybe, I could love it….or at least like it enough to make this quilt!

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  1. Jo Try using some light weight interfacing and sew this to each section. Trim and turn each piece. Finger press.There will be no need to needle turn. Then layer each piece and sew each section on your backing. Hope this helps.

  2. It’s ok NOT to like something. Look at all the other stuff you do so amazingly well! And, maybe sometime later applique will call to you, just not now. And… if it never knocks on your door, then that’s ok, too. Have fun with your pinapples. [don’t think i spelled tht correctly… hmmm, this keyboard can’t spell and neither can i! lol]

  3. My applique from the first set of Quilt Along Blocks was disastrous! But I did it, shared it and will try to learn from my mistakes on this one. Thanks for encouraging me to keep practicing!! I wouldn’t keep trying this if it weren’t for our Quilt Along.

  4. oh no…I thought this month (July) was one of the star blocks. I made the two different star blocks that I thought they might be….was it this applique block or is the applique for the next month….I think the heat is getting to me….lol

  5. I haven’t tried needle turn, or pressing the paper down. I use Eleanor Burn’s idea, with the fusible interfacing, sewn on, and turned. Or I’ll use paper backed fusible, and just stitch by machine. Even if the directions say needle turn, I’ll do it the way I know i’ll be successful. I’m glad to hear you tried again. Oh, Bonnie posted that there is an error in the numbering on the paper piecing in the new book, so check her site for errata. You probably already knew, though. I can’t wait to see your next quilt! Thanks.

  6. Jo, have you tried raw edge applique? Just fuse to back of fabric, cut out your piece, remove paper backing and fuse to your backing fabric. No turning of edges. Finish with stitch of your choice. I like to use a machine blanket stitch in black or coordinating thread. That’s how I did a whole flip flop quilt. Doesn’t take long at all. Just something you might like to try. Enjoy!

  7. Did you notice that Bonnie has an errata sheet for String Fling that has one for Pineapple Crazy? You can get it on her website. Too bad, already two probelms with patterns in String Fling. Sandi

  8. Before you give up on applique forever, research back basting applique. I hate the prep work involved in applique also so when I found back basting it was a godsend.

  9. I used to feel that way, then took a class at the Estherville shop (Candy’s). She taught us to use freezer paper (2-3 sheets ironed together) Cut out the shapes, then use a small paint brush and starch and fold the seam allowance and iron over freezer paper. Take freezer paper out, iron again from top to keep edges clean, add the little spots of white glue on back, iron in place, then whip stitch to background. Love it – so portable, no pins…..Give it a shop. Most the beautiful applique you see in Candy’s show is done by her with beautiful, stress free results. Needle turn…..no way.

  10. I can’t find the quote from the Happiness Project I wanted to send you — it’s along the lines of “just because someone else has fun doing it doesn’t mean you have to like it”

  11. I hated needle turn applique until I saw a tutorial where you baste around the edge of each piece and draw in the basting stitch around a template shape.
    Erin Russek from “One piece at a time” recently had a similar tutorial for heart shapes. Check it out along with her other tutorials. You might change your mind, as I have.
    I agree that normal needle turn is tedius but now I really enjoy needle turn (pulled in basting style) whilst relaxing watching a movie.

  12. Brenda’s method is really easy too. I googled how to do applique and there was a tutorial with this method. I think you might like this process even better.

  13. Jo – applique is not for everyone and if it is truly something you don’t enjoy then it is perfectly ok to not do it! Maybe someone doing the quilt along would like to prep that one for you so you can have a picture. I still have not done the one from the first batch or I’d offer. Put a call out on your blog, I’m sure someone will step up! Thanks so much for hosting this quilt along and for letting us share what is going on in your life. I enjoy reading your blog daily even if I don’t comment often.

  14. I understand your issue. I LOVE applique (the look), but don’t do much of it. I hate the prep work, my hands get stiff and hurt and I work for hours just to have a small portion of a block made. If I was piecing I could have half of a quilt made in that time.
    Here is the problem I have. I do pretty work. I’m not bragging, really. I have been told this by many people who have won major awards with their applique. I wish I could fix my issues with applique so I could love it as much as I do piecing. Maybe one day, but probably not. Just being honest. :)

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